So, you’ve decided to implement a Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution. The Dynamics 365 product suite, which includes popular solutions like Business Central, Customer Insights, Finance & Supply Chain, Sales, Project Operations, and more, include robust and innovative features to streamline your financial management, reporting, and customer relationship management. But, the key to ensuring your D365 system is properly tailored and configured to protect your investment and enhance user adoption is choosing the right Microsoft Dynamics 365 consultant.

Our Director of Software Solutions, David Laster, has been a consultant for over 25 years, working closely with many clients to implement, migrate, or upgrade their Microsoft ERP system. In this blog post and video, he shares a few of the things to look for when selecting a Dynamics 365 consultant for your project, including experience, attention to data security, and knowledge of the latest technology.

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5 things to look for in a Dynamics 365 Consultant 



This is the number one thing to consider. A Dynamics 365 Consultant with proven expertise and client success stories will ensure that your ERP is properly set up and customized to align with the way you do business. GraVoc’s team of ERP specialists have a background in accounting, and we find that this experience is an asset when it comes to understanding businesses of different sizes across industries. Our team understands debits and credits, and how they work, which is important knowledge when it comes to configuring an ERP system correctly.


Focused & collaborative

Good Dynamics 365 consultants will be eager to collaborate with you and ask a lot of questions as they prepare to implement your new ERP system. They will probe and get deep into understanding your workflow and daily processes to identify key aspects of the business that need to be migrated to the new ERP. Asking questions helps to identify pain points, which is important to plan and enhance user training, set up the new ERP system properly, and ensure the reporting is configured the way you need.

You also want your consultant to be focused and bring good energy so your project makes advancements through the various implementation phases such as user acceptance testing, and ultimately, deployment.


Ready to embrace new technology

Ensure your Dynamics 365 Consultant is ready and willing to embrace new technology. Working with modern ERP systems means our team is always learning and implementing new tech capabilities and trends, such as AI-powered automations and Power BI dashboards. Your consultant should be keeping up with new developments in the ERP world and sharing that knowledge with you to maximize the efficiency of your system.


Backed by a strong team

You don’t want your consultant to be working in a silo; you want them to be backed by a strong team of diverse, experienced developers and functional specialists to get the job done right.

Mindful of data security

Your consultant should be mindful of data security and privacy protocols. Implementing an ERP system involves handling a lot of customer, employee, and vendor data. You want your consultant to maintain discretion and have strong data protection measures in place.

Choose GraVoc as your Dynamics 365 Consultant

Our experienced, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable Dynamics 365 consultants, such as David Laster, can seamlessly scope, plan, and implement Microsoft ERP for your company! GraVoc is also a Microsoft Solutions Partner for Business Applications, which further speaks to our expertise in delivering Dynamics 365 and Power Platform solutions.

Click below to learn more about our Dynamics 365 consulting services or contact us today to get started on your Dynamics 365 implementation!

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