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Merging Design and Technology

GraVoc provides a wide range of website development & design services. Our website developers follow the latest trends not only in technology but in design as well. By keeping up-to-date with what’s new, we offer our customers a modern yet powerful website solution to truly enhance their online presence. Our website design & development services start with a dynamic content management system where we customize all aspects of the website to match our customer’s vision and then depending on your specific business needs, we add technology components such as API Integrations, eCommerce Stores, SEO Enhancements and much more. Check out our website development & design services below.

WordPress & Kentico Development Services

WordPress and Kentico are two of the most widely used content management systems on the market and our Creative Technology team has extensive development experience with both these platforms.  Our team can customize these popular CMS platforms to meet your specific needs and we handle everything from building unique designs to integration with 3rd party services.

GraVoc’s website development & design services includes full-scale eCommerce sites, restaurant websites complete with beautifully integrated menus and online ordering, weekly subscription-based newspapers, and more. All of our websites are mobile friendly, responding to all smart phones and tablets.

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Website Design & Branding

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Intuitive Content Management

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Responsive Framework

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Maintenance & Training

API Integration Services

APIs (Application Program Interface) are often used to connect various services and solutions to each other. Our developers have worked with countless APIs to help make the websites we build more dynamic and feature-rich. If you are looking to connect your website or application to another service or data set through an API, we’d love to help you.

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eCommerce Development Services

eCommerce is one of the most important aspects of the Internet to emerge. eCommerce allows for consumers to purchase goods over the Internet without any location or time barriers. This unlocks millions of opportunities for business growth, exposure and marketing opportunities.

Having an online store is critical to many business’ growth and profitability. GraVoc offers a wide variety of website development & design services. Our website development & design team have developed a variety of eCommerce stores in all shapes and sizes. Some of our eCommerce highlights include event and subscription based websites, connection to ERP platforms such as Microsoft Dynamics AX & GP and WordPress based eCommerce sites.

Restaurant Online Ordering Services

Our website development & design team is no stranger when it comes to implementing restaurant technology for our clients. Staying on top of the newest technologies for each industry is how we guide our customers in the right direction that is best for their business. The newest trend in the restaurant industry is technology and online ordering. Our preferred online ordering system can help bring your restaurant online seamlessly with an all-in-one control center. With over 75+ features to help drive sales, this feature pays for itself.

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Marketing Automation

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Credit Card Processing

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Facebook Ordering

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Mobile Ordering

Search Engine Optimization Services

Designing & developing your website is only part of the battle. Getting the right audience to your site is equally as important. Our team can help drive traffic to your site by creating a strong organic search engine optimization (SEO) foundation based on Google’s search algorithm. This “strong base” approach will set your organization on the right path to build an audience. GraVoc’s SEO services can also help you conquer your social media goals by properly branding your channels, integrating them with your website and extending the reach of your message.


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SEO Best Practices

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On-Page Optimization

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Site Verification

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Reports & Analytics

UI/UX Design Services

User Experience and User Interface Design is a major component in the concept of your project. The visual appeal of your website or application plays a huge role for your audience. GraVoc’s website development & design team is staffed with talented UX/UI designers that will help ensure a stunning experience both on the front-end of your site and, for your staff, on the back-end as well.

Website Maintenance & Security Services

Maintaining your WordPress site has never been easier. Website maintenance on a regular basis plays an important role in keeping your website healthy and secure. Common problems that occur when a WordPress site has not been properly maintained are hack attacks, spam, browser and mobile performance issues and update failures.

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WordPress Maintenance

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Monitoring & Protection

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Malware Removal

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Custom Reports




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