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your trusted Microsoft Dynamics 365 consultant & partner.

With GraVoc, you get an expert Microsoft Dynamics 365 Consultant and Partner that is committed to your business’ success. We are a Certified Microsoft Solutions Partner with decades of experience in designing, customizing, and deploying turnkey Microsoft business applications for companies across multiple industries.

Our experienced team ensures frictionless implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications that are tailored to meet your unique business requirements. We provide extensive consulting services and hands-on support to help your business leverage Microsoft’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions to accelerate growth and minimize risk to your investment.

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our Microsoft Dynamics 365 consulting services.

As your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Consultant, we offer extensive services to make solution deployment as seamless as possible from start to finish.

software selection consulting

Businesses often face struggles when evaluating the many Dynamics 365 applications and correctly choosing a system that will deliver the desired results and return on investment. As a certified MSP, we have the industry knowledge and expertise to help you select and implement a Dynamics 365 solution that works for your business.

Dynamics 365 fit gap analysis

Our team can perform a detailed fit gap analysis to evaluate the Microsoft Dynamics 365 application’s standard functionality and reports against your business ERP/CRM requirements. Through this analysis, our team identifies the customizations or modifications necessary to extend the functionality of your application.
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Dynamics 365 customization

Our team can customize the Microsoft Dynamics 365 application’s user interface and reporting, or design complex features and modifications to deliver a turnkey solution that seamlessly fits with your business’ workflow and provides exactly the functionality you need.
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Dynamics 365 implementation

We have years of experience in implementing mid-market ERP/CRM systems, including small and large-scale, multi-phase, multi-company deployments. Drawing from this broad industry experience, our team delivers an end-to-end implementation of your Microsoft Dynamics 365 business application.

We define your business’ functional requirements and accordingly develop customizations, design data migration processes, and plan integration points.

integration development

Our team can integrate your Microsoft Dynamics 365 application with other Microsoft solutions or third-party platforms. We plan and develop integrations to ensure your business is fully connected across systems for operational ease. We can also design integrations to connect your Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution with external applications relevant to your industry vertical, such as tax management software, recruitment software, marketing tools, data visualization software, and more, to give you a scalable ERP/CRM system that can support business growth.

ISV selection for Dynamics 365

Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) create third-party applications that can enhance your Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution by delivering added functionality and features. Choosing the right ISV from a broad range of available options can be both challenging and confusing for any business. Our team carefully evaluates your business’ functional requirements and strategically selects ISVs to increase the operational efficiency of your new Dynamics 365 application.

data migration

One of the primary concerns organizations have when migrating from one business application to another is what happens to their data. Having worked on numerous Dynamics 365 implementation projects, our team has the expertise to streamline the data migration process and ensure all your key business information correctly moves over to your new Microsoft Dynamics 365 system. Our team identifies the various sources of legacy data within your organization and designs a strategy to effectively export, scrub, format, validate, and import your information.
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Dynamics 365 User Training & Support

Our team conducts end-user training to ensure all stakeholders are well-equipped to leverage the new Microsoft Dynamics 365 system’s functionality. We design high-level functional training materials and plans with input from your team to streamline user adoption. Our team can also provide a train-the-trainer approach, where a core group of personnel within your business are trained by our staff. This group can then continue to train other users. This approach helps enhance the overall efficiency and coverage of training resources.

Managed Services for Dynamics 365

We offer cost-effective managed services packages to ensure your Microsoft Dynamics 365 system is proactively maintained, upgraded, and enhanced throughout its lifecycle. Rather than rely on break-and-fix support, leverage our experienced team to consistently optimize the performance of your ERP/CRM system.
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IT Audit for Dynamics 365

Recognizing that mission-critical data will reside in your new business environment, our team provides security audit services to ensure the integrity and stability of your Dynamics 365 application and associated data.

leading the way with custom Dynamics 365 integrations & solutions.

Our team has dedicated countless hours to crafting tailored integrations and connections that seamlessly bridge the gap between your Dynamics 365 software and the myriad of industry-leading applications at your disposal. Below are some of our already built integrations and connections.

Bullhorn One Connector for D365 Business Central & Dynamics GP

We’ve built a two-way connection that synchronizes and moves data between the Bullhorn One ATS and back-office accounting platforms such as Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics GP.

Bullhorn Back Office (BBO) Transport for D365 Business Central

We developed BBO Transport which is a quick and reliable integration that seamlessly moves financial data from Bullhorn Back Office to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for supercharged reporting.


Sovos Integration for D365 Finance

Looking to integrate Sovos’ Tax Solutions with your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance system? Our team has built an integration for this! Click below to learn more.


Greenshades Billing Platform for D365 Business Central

Our Billing Platform for Greenshades Payroll turns Greenshades pay data into Business Central invoicing or billing transactions, which drive revenue recognition, AR, GL, and reporting.

our Microsoft Dynamics 365 consulting process.

Our Microsoft Dynamics 365 consulting process includes five broad phases.

business analysis.

Represents the official start of a project. The analysis phase is geared toward defining your business’ functional, data migration, and integration requirements. Deliverables include a project charter and plan, functional requirements document, project team training, and a data migration plan.

solution design.

The design phase involves planning solution implementation to meet all the functional requirements defined in the analysis phase. In this phase, our team will also map and design data migration processes. Deliverables include a design document that will detail the Microsoft Dynamics/Dynamics 365 solution’s configuration as well as necessary customizations and integrations, the requirements for reports, and a test plan.


The development phase is focused on building the customizations, integrations, and data migration processes defined in the design document.


In the deployment phase, the solution is transitioned from a test environment to a production environment. Our team will prepare user training materials, execute data conversion, and ultimately allow the system to go live. Post-implementation, we monitor the usage of the application features and overall performance of the new system to ensure it is fully operational and delivers the intended functionality.

ongoing project & change management.

Along with providing hands-on project management, our team also helps you prepare your employees for transition to the new ERP/CRM system through effective change management. We design risk mitigation strategies, identify training needs, and highlight communication issues to ensure smooth adoption of the new technology within your organization.

why choose GraVoc as your Microsoft Dynamics 365 consultant.

GraVoc ISO 27001 services

experienced Dynamics 365 consultants.

Our team has successfully completed hundreds of Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation projects, delivering tailored and cost-effective solutions for our clients that solve their business challenges. We pay close attention to what our clients need, resulting in the development of custom integrations with platforms like Bullhorn and Power BI that extend the functionality of the Dynamics 365 solutions. Drawing from years of experience, our team has the knowledge and skills to configure a Dynamics 365 solution that is the right fit for your business.

Microsoft Solutions Partner for Business Applications.

Previously a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner, GraVoc is now a Microsoft Solutions Partner for Business Applications. Our team has extensive training, years of industry experience, and over 100 certifications that strongly demonstrate our expertise in implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions.

objective product recommendation.

At GraVoc, we believe that our business is your success, so we are always looking out for our customers’ best interests. Through a detailed business process review, our team will thoroughly evaluate and understand your processes to provide an objective product recommendation to deliver the results you need.

meet some of our Dynamics 365 experts:

Dana Chirieac, Lead Software Engineer for Dynamics AX/F&O

As our Lead Software Engineer for Microsoft Dynamics AX/F&O, Dana Chirieac excels in helping our clients with system implementations, integrations, and troubleshooting. Since she started at GraVoc in 2012, Dana has become a trusted partner/advisor to our clients and a valuable member of our team!

Jebediah Stroble, GraVoc’s Dynamics 365 Sales Specialist

Jeb is curious about new technology and definitely knows how to crack a good joke. As GraVoc’s Lead Software Engineer for Dynamics 365 Sales, Jeb is a customer champion, setting up clients for success through frictionless system implementations of their CRM and Power Platform solutions.

Sarah Gardner, Senior Solutions Architect

As a Senior Solutions Architect at GraVoc, Sarah Gardner is focused on executing seamless Dynamics 365 Business Central implementations and working closely with clients to ensure they’re getting the most out of their new ERP solutions. 

we our Dynamics 365 community!

Our company is deeply engaged with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Community, actively participating in various capacities to contribute and collaborate within this dynamic ecosystem. As a leading Microsoft partner, we have forged strong connections with both clients and industry peers. We frequently attend national summits and events, where we gain valuable insights, share best practices, and explore the latest innovations in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform.

Our commitment to the community underscores our dedication to delivering top-notch solutions and services to our clients, ensuring they harness the full potential of Microsoft Dynamics technology for their business needs! Click the toggle below for a list of Microsoft networks we are affiliated with!

let’s talk about Microsoft Dynamics 365 for your business.

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