Dynamics 365 Sales Implementation.

proven expertise in Dynamics 365 Sales Implementation.

GraVoc’s experienced team can provide seamless Dynamics 365 Sales implementation services, delivering a tailored solution that allows your salespeople to nurture and close opportunities with ease.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales is an intelligent customer relationship management (CRM) platform with sales automation, forecasting, and AI-powered capabilities. The platform optimizes the sales workflow, allowing your salespeople to seamlessly manage their pipeline, from capturing leads and building relationships to creating collateral.

Leverage our extensive Dynamics 365 Sales implementation services to engage the right buyers and enhance sales productivity.


Dynamics 365 Sales implementation services:

business process review

We conduct an in-depth business process review of your workflows and existing software to identify areas for optimization, plan for data migration, and determine custom configurations for your Dynamics 365 Sales platform.

Integration Development

Our team can plan, design, and implement system integrations to connect your Dynamics 365 Sales platform to other applications in your sales tech stack, such as Microsoft 365, Teams, Outlook, SharePoint, as well as Power BI, and LinkedIn to boost efficiency.



Our team can seamlessly update your Dynamics CRM to Dynamics 365 Sales so your business can leverage enhanced features and benefits of the D365 cloud platform.

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Customization & Configuration

Our CRM specialists can develop and configure custom functionality or reporting to fill the gaps not addressed by standard functionality in Dynamics 365 Sales.



We can assist with Dynamics 365 Sales migration. Our team ensures your data, reports, and other key functionality are seamlessly carried over from your previous CRM to your new Dynamics 365 Sales system.

Project Management

Throughout the course of your Dynamics 365 Sales implementation, an issues and risk log is maintained, progress is monitored, status memos prepared, and status meetings are conducted. Your dedicated GraVoc project manager will enable the sharing and collaboration of all project documentation.

User training

Our team conducts end-user training to ensure all salespeople and other stakeholders are well-equipped to leverage the full potential of the new Dynamics 365 Sales system. Our team can also provide a train-the-trainer approach, where a core group of personnel within your business are trained by our staff. These users can then continue training the rest of your salespeople.

Managed Support Services

Through our managed support services for Dynamics 365 Sales, we can provide your team with ongoing technical assistance to address issues or bug fixes, plan updates or configurations, and optimize system performance and health.

trusted Microsoft solutions partner.

We have invested extensively in the training and certification of our staff, resulting in our status as a Microsoft Solutions Partner. Our experienced team holds over 100 Microsoft certifications, assuring customers that we are both current in our knowledge and training in the core competency requirements of their Dynamics 365 Sales environment.

Dynamics 365 Sales implementation benefits.

Cloud-based CRM solution with AI-powered insights.
Streamline sales forecasting for improved performance tracking.

Integrations with tools such as LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Microsoft 365 help salespeople gain actionable insights to find, collaborate with, and engage the right customers.


Leverage integration with Power BI to generate reports and dashboards with real-time data on sales performance for improved decision-making.

Mobile-friendly Dynamics 365 Sales application allows salespeople to perform tasks on the go.
Centralized workspace to create records and track communication with prospects, leads, and customers.
Predictive intelligence helps salespeople improve conversion by prioritizing the right leads and opportunities.
Subscription-based licensing allows for predictive costs.

GraVoc’s proven Dynamics 365 Sales implementation process.

Every Dynamics 365 Sales implementation is tailored to your business’ requirements and schedule, but our implementation process can be broadly organized into the following phases.

1. discovery.
2. data conversion.
3. integration design
4. system testing & QA review.
5. end-user training.
6. go-live & post-implementation support.
During discovery, we do a deep dive into your business processes. Based on your processes, we will jointly identify security requirements, screen configuration design, and workflow for your new Dynamics 365 Sales system. Here we also perform a gap assessment to evaluate standard functionality and reports of Dynamics 365 Sales against your business’ needs. This step helps us identify any development effort for custom reports, features, or modifications.
We develop a broad plan for the data conversion. This plan identifies the sources of legacy data, data formats, an estimate of the number of records, and the effort required to cleanse the data. Then, we perform an initial data conversion to map fields and load data into the system. Ultimately, once the final data set is fully loaded, reports will be generated and reconciled with the current systems for validation.
System integration points are mapped, and processes are implemented to manage the integration to other system(s).
This step validates that the new Dynamics 365 Sales system operates efficiently and provides the needed functionality and management information. Throughout the project, quality assurance (QA) reviews are conducted to confirm the application design and address any other issues.
A training plan and functional training materials are developed. A train-the-trainer approach is often used in which a core group of users will be trained by GraVoc. This core team of users will then continue the training for the remaining users.
Users begin using the application to perform their daily processes. A final QA meeting is held to address any issues to ensure your business can smoothly take over responsibility for the system. Post-implementation, we can continue to provide support for user training, upgrades, and troubleshooting.

we our Dynamics 365 community!

Our company is deeply engaged with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 community, actively participating in various capacities to contribute and collaborate within this dynamic ecosystem. As a leading Microsoft Solutions Partner, we have forged strong connections with both clients and industry peers. We frequently attend national summits and events, where we gain valuable insights, share best practices, and explore the latest innovations in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platforms.

Our commitment to the community underscores our dedication to delivering top-notch solutions and services to our clients, ensuring they harness the full potential of Microsoft Dynamics 365 technology, including Dynamics 365 Sales, for their business needs! 

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