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custom ERP services to enhance productivity & growth.

With GraVoc, you get an expert ERP partner that is committed to your business’ success. We are a Certified Microsoft Solutions Partner with 30 years of experience in designing, customizing, and implementing turnkey Microsoft ERP solutions for companies across multiple industries. Our experienced team delivers ERP services to ensure frictionless implementation of ERP systems that are tailored to meet your unique business requirements.

We provide extensive services – from ERP customizations to migrations – to help your business leverage Microsoft’s ERP solutions to accelerate growth and minimize the risk to your investment.


broad portfolio of Microsoft ERP solutions.

As a long-standing Microsoft Partner, we have proven competency across both on-premises and cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics and Dynamics 365 ERP systems.

trusted Microsoft solutions partner.

At GraVoc, we have invested extensively in the training and certification of our staff, resulting in our status as a Microsoft Solutions Partner. Our experienced team holds over 100 Microsoft certifications, assuring customers that we are both current in our knowledge and training in the core competency requirements of their on-premises and cloud ERP environment.

our end-to-end ERP services.

Our extensive and diverse service portfolio makes GraVoc your one-stop-shop for ERP consulting and implementation.


Whether you want to implement ERP software from scratch, add functionality to your existing application, or modernize your legacy system, our ERP consultants can provide trusted advisory and support. Our team performs an in-depth analysis to understand your business’ operational challenges and inefficiencies. Through this process, we determine the right ERP system, customizations, and integrations to enhance your business’ productivity and profitability.


We provide extensive ERP implementation services to ensure your turnkey system is properly configured, customized, and deployed. Our team coordinates and manages all aspects of the implementation – from business process review to end-user training. Drawing from years of experience in implementing mid-market ERP systems, including small and large-scale, multi-phase, multi-company deployments, we provide your business with a robust, white-glove ERP implementation.



An outdated ERP system can lead to costly inefficiencies and hinder your business’ ability to stay competitive. We can assist you with upgrading to the latest version of your ERP software to enhance system health, security, and performance. If you are considering moving from on-premises to the cloud, our team can provide expert advisory and facilitate migration to a cloud-based ERP with minimal disruption to your operations.

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Our team can customize the ERP application’s user interface and reporting, or design complex new features and modifications to deliver a robust solution that seamlessly aligns with your business’ workflow and provides exactly the functionality you need.

integration development

Our team can provide out-of-box integration solutions to ensure your on-premises or cloud ERP application is connected to relevant systems across your organization. We also have the expertise to develop custom integrations to sync your ERP with other applications, such as tax management software, recruitment software, and data visualization software. Leverage our extensive integration capabilities to get an ERP system that is highly functional and scalable.



Since mission-critical data will reside in your new ERP environment, our team provides a range of IT audit and cybersecurity services to ensure the integrity and stability of your systems and data.

training & support

Our team conducts end-user training to ensure all stakeholders are well-equipped to leverage your new ERP functionality. We design high-level functional training materials with input from your team to ensure faster user adoption of the ERP. Our team can also provide a train-the-trainer approach, where a core group of personnel within your business are trained by our staff. This group can then continue to train other users. This approach helps enhance the overall efficiency and coverage of training resources.

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Managed Services

We offer cost-effective managed services packages to ensure your ERP system is proactively maintained, updated, and enhanced throughout its lifecycle. Rather than rely on break-and-fix support, leverage our experienced team to routinely monitor and optimize the health and performance of your ERP system.

our proven ERP implementation process.

Every ERP implementation is tailored to align with your business’ needs and requirements.
But our implementation process can be broadly organized into the following phases.

1. discovery.
2. design.
3. project & change management.
4. development.
5. testing.
6. deployment.
ongoing training & support.

Our ERP implementation begins with a business process review to gather insights into your business’ workflows and evaluate user pain points to determine functional requirements for the ERP system.

We design a detailed plan for your ERP implementation, including mapping out processes for data migration and integration to other applications. Our team also performs a fit gap analysis to evaluate the ERP system’s standard functionality and reports against your business’ system requirements. Through this in-depth analysis, we identify necessary customizations to extend the functionality of your new ERP system.

Throughout the ERP implementation process, we track the progress of the project, maintain issues and risk logs, and deliver consistent status updates to key personnel on your team. Further, to streamline user adoption of the new ERP system, we design risk mitigation strategies, identify training needs, and prepare a comprehensive communication plan, including the delivery channel and audience.

We configure and customize the ERP modules to meet your business requirements. During this phase, our team also develops the pre-defined customizations and integrations to ultimately provide you with a turnkey ERP solution.

We perform extensive functionality and end-user testing to make final adjustments and fixes to your ERP modules before system deployment.

In the deployment phase, the system is transitioned from a test environment to a production environment. Our team will prepare user training materials, execute data conversion, and ultimately allow the system to go live. Post-implementation, we monitor the usage of the application features and overall performance of the new ERP system to ensure it delivers the intended functionality.

Once the ERP system is live, we continue to perform end-user training to help your employees fully leverage new functionalities and enhance productivity. We also assist with troubleshooting any issues to ensure high performance.

custom ERP reporting & dashboards via Power BI.

Supercharge your business intelligence efforts with our custom Power BI dashboards and reports! Our team is leading the way in leveraging Power BI to enhance reporting and data-driven decision-making for businesses. GraVoc’s custom dashboards enable robust visualization and analysis of data in your ERP, streamlining access to actionable business insights that help drive growth.

Click below to check out our Power BI solutions for Microsoft Dynamics ERP!

leading the way with custom integrations & solutions.

Our team has dedicated countless hours to crafting tailored integrations and connections that seamlessly bridge the gap between your Dynamics/D365 ERP software and the myriad of industry-leading applications at your disposal. These solutions are meticulously designed to not just interface but to harmoniously intertwine, forming a cohesive ecosystem that amplifies the functionality and efficiency of your entire business operation.

These custom integrations stand as a testament to our commitment to delivering unparalleled value, ensuring that your Dynamics software seamlessly collaborates with, and enhances the performance of, the full spectrum of business applications within your arsenal.

Bullhorn One Connector for D365 Business Central & Dynamics GP

We’ve built a two-way connection that synchronizes and moves data between the Bullhorn One ATS and back-office accounting platforms such as Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics GP.

Bullhorn Back Office (BBO) Transport for D365 Business Central

We developed BBO Transport which is a quick and reliable integration that seamlessly moves financial data from Bullhorn Back Office to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for supercharged reporting.


Sovos Integration for D365 Finance & Operations

Looking to integrate Sovos’ Tax Solutions with your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations System? Our team has built an integration for this! Click below to learn more.


Greenshades Billing Platform for D365 Business Central

Our Billing Platform for Greenshades Payroll turns Greenshades pay data into Business Central invoicing or billing transactions, which drive revenue recognition, AR, GL, and reporting.

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