privacy policy.

privacy policy.

GraVoc Associates Inc, (‘GraVoc’) is a technology consulting company located in Peabody, MA. We provide technology services to businesses nationwide. We respect and take measures to preserve your personal privacy. This Privacy Policy sets forth your privacy rights and was put in place to explain our policies and practices regarding our collection and use of your personal data. We understand that information privacy changes frequently, so we may from time to time update this Privacy Policy.

How we collect and use your personal information: Contact Forms:

GraVoc collects personal information such as first name, last name, employer name, job title, work phone number, work email address etc. This information is collected when you fill out a contact form on one of our webpages. We have contact forms located on a majority of our webpages on These contact forms include:

  • Service or Product Inquiry Forms
  • Webinar or Event Signup Forms
    • On these forms, we collect information such as first name, last name, employer name, employer address, job title, work phone number and work email address. When you submit your information through one of these contact forms, we will only use this information to reach out to you regarding your specific inquiry or message. We will never sell your information to any other party.
  • Payment Forms
  • Support Ticket Requests Forms
    • These forms are intended for our customers. Our payment form is solely used to collect electronic payments from our customers. Our support request form is used to take customer support requests; once a support ticket is submitted, a GraVoc employee will reach out to you directly to address your request. Additionally, a GraVoc employee may follow up with you to ensure that our services addressed your concerns or issues and met your standards.

2. Advertisement Contact Forms:

On a periodic basis, GraVoc takes out advertisements on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. When you fill out a contact form from one of our advertisements on one of these sites, we will only use this information to reach out to you regarding your specific inquiry or message and will never sell your information to any other party.

3. Personal Information We Receive from Third Parties:

GraVoc may obtain a list of contacts from third parties every now and then. This may happen if your employer was part of a tradeshow or event where the contact information was dispersed to vendors.

Use of the website:

As with most websites, our website will automatically collect and store certain information such as internet protocol (IP) address, location or general location of where your computer or device is accessing the internet, your browser, operating system, network, as well as website actions such as what webpages you had visited on our website and the duration of time spent viewing a webpage.

GraVoc uses this type of information to get a better understanding of how customers and potential customers use our website. By understanding where customer demand is and by analyzing trends, we are able to provide more relevant content and services.

When and how we share your information:

Information that you submit to GraVoc will never be sold to any third-party company. We will only use your information to contact you about your specific message or inquiry.  

Data subject rights:

Our Privacy Policy is intended to provide you information about how we store and use your personal data. Should you have any questions regarding the data we collect, please contact us at

Security of your information:

To help protect the privacy of data collected, we update and test the security of our technology on an ongoing basis and limit data access to employees require it to perform their job functions.

Data storage and retention:

When you submit your information to GraVoc, your data is stored on our servers and on the servers of the cloud-based third-party database systems that GraVoc uses. We keep your information stored in our servers to retain records.


Please contact us at or call us at 978-538-9055.

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