Business Process Review.

expert review of your current business processes & systems.

GraVoc’s business process review can be an independent engagement or the first step of your ERP/CRM implementation process. During the review, our consultants will do a deep dive into your business operations and workflow to identify inefficiencies and provide solutions for process enhancements. This analysis will also allow our team to recommend ERP/CRM system changes to meet your operational and financial goals, as well as create a high-level implementation plan.

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trusted Microsoft solutions partner.

We have invested extensively in the training and certification of our staff, resulting in our status as a Microsoft Solutions Partner. Our experienced team holds over 100 Microsoft certifications, assuring customers that we are both current in our knowledge and trained in the core competency requirements of their ERP/CRM environment.

objectives of the business process review:

Establish an understanding of your business operations ‘as is’ and how current systems drive these processes.

Determine gaps in your current business applications and process inefficiencies.

Identify user pain points and challenges with existing business systems and operations.

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Create and share a technology vision based on your overall operational goals.

Provide recommendations for process optimization, including ERP/CRM system changes or improvements.

Design a system implementation plan, which includes estimates of the project scope, timeline, and costs.

our business process review strategy & deliverables.

Through interviews and workflow analysis, our team will deliver a report with recommendations for functional and operational enhancements.


Our business process review includes in-depth interviews with your executive team and process owners from each department to determine how existing ERP/CRM systems are being used. The goal is to document user pain points that hinder performance and prepare a ‘wish list’ of functionalities users would like to see implemented.

review existing workflows & business applications.

Our team evaluates the business applications in use at your company to identify gaps in functionality and inefficiencies. We also assess the daily workflow at a high level to determine how information travels within your business.

business process review report.

Once we conduct interviews and assessments, we prepare a business process review report that provides an overview of your operations as is. In the report, we also outline recommendations and opportunities for process improvements.

project plan.

We can provide ERP/CRM product suggestions or enhancements if your existing systems are outdated or unable to keep pace with business growth. Our team will design a high-level project plan for implementation of the recommended ERP/CRM application or custom development of new functionality to enhance your existing systems.

business process review for
Microsoft applications.

Our team can conduct a business process review to assist your company with selecting a Microsoft Dynamics application or enhancing your existing system. We offer implementation and optimization services for a variety of Microsoft business applications, including:

power platform

Power Apps
Power Automate
Power BI
Power Portals
Power Virtual Agents



benefits of a business process review.

1. Get a clear project implementation plan
2. Identify the right ERP/CRM system

Deploying a new ERP/CRM system or adding new functionality to existing applications requires significant project planning to minimize the risk to investment. A business process review allows our ERP/CRM implementation team to design a thorough project plan with minimal room for error. Extensive analysis of your current workflow, systems, and business goals enables the team to get a clear estimate of hours and costs required for implementation, identify and manage any risks, and ultimately ensure a streamlined ERP/CRM deployment or upgrade.

Since ERP/CRM systems require a significant time and financial investment, it’s important to ensure you’re choosing the right application that accelerates business growth and eliminates inefficiencies. A business process review is key to accurate ERP/CRM selection. By evaluating your current systems and workflow as is, our team can outline necessary functionality and implement an ERP/CRM application that enhances the speed and efficiency of your business processes.

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