During our Creative Solutions for Back to Office Messaging webinar, GraVoc media producer, Jade Brewer, explored two forms of web solutions that we created as COVID-19 resources for both our customers and our employees.

The first solution that Jade shows is a Back to Office webpage containing all our new office policies and procedures that our co-workers could easily access on any device. The second is a health screening application that businesses could embed on any webpage to screen their employees or customers prior to entering an office or building.  Check out the video below to see these two solutions in action!

COVID-19 Themed Webpage

Jade starts by showing the Back to Office webpage that was designed by our team for our website to help our co-workers get adjusted back to the office after the stay-at-home orders were lifted. This webpage contains all our COVID-19 documentation and assets that our co-workers needed to read and understand. Jade explains how one of the major benefits of creating a webpage to house information like this is the ability to store different kinds of resources, links and downloads in one place. Members in your organization can access this single location online to inform themselves and refer back to whenever they need it. The first resource the user sees when they land on the webpage is a COVID-19 Back to Office video that we created going into more detail about returning to the office. We wanted this to be the first thing our employees saw on the webpage as it is a more creative way for employees to grasp the knowledge rather than simply reading from a static document.

As employees scroll down, they will find more information and policies that are broken down into bullet points so that employees can easily find the information. What makes the webpage unique is the many features that were designed with it. One feature is that the page is mobile responsive. This means that the webpage can easily be converted and read from either a laptop, tablet or mobile phone with a smaller screen. This allows employees to access this information wherever and whenever they need it as long as they have internet and a device handy. Another stylistic feature are the icons that are added to make it more visually appealing and for employees to find specific information quicker. 

Towards the bottom of the page is a ‘Downloads & Resources’ section where employees can download our COVID-19 interactive PDF directly from the website as well as view and access links to the CDC website and the Massachusetts COVID tracker. Lastly, we added in a ‘Questions, Comments, Concerns?’ section where employees can voice their concerns or questions directly onto the page and get a response.

COVID-19 Health Screening Application

The second solution that Jade shows is a health screening web application. This health screening application was developed for one of our customers who was looking to track their employees’ health and possible symptoms during COVID-19 in order to determine whether they should return to work in the office. The main objective of the application is to have a safe way for companies to ensure their employees that they are following the guidelines that are set forth by the company and the government.

Each day, employees would complete the questionnaire through the link provided by the company. Once the form is completed it will inform you on whether you should return to the office or not. The information collected from the employees are stored securely as it is meant for only upper level management to see to determine if their employees can return to work. Jade shows the questionnaire and walks through it explaining the process of filling out the form. Click play on the video above to see this application in action!

Having resources and applications like these helps ensure the health and safety for all employees and customers in an organization. If you’re interested in creating a web solution like this for your organization, feel free to contact us by visiting https://www.gravoc.com/contact/ or check out our Creative Technology services which include, website development, application development, video production and more!

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