As we prepared to re-enter back into the office after COVID-19, there were a lot of new health and safety policies put in place that our co-workers needed to read and fully understand. We had many creative ideas for our back to office messaging such as an interactive PDF, engaging Powerpoint, web solutions and more,  however, given the amount of information we needed to get out, we decided a video would be our best solution.  Video messaging is one of the most creative and unique ways that you can get your messaging out there in a fun and creative way.  You can check out our COVID-19 Back to Office video by clicking play above!


Video Style

The Back to Office video we made to help our co-workers understand and engage with this new information was a combination of live action and animated video. We started the video with GraVoc owners, Dave and Cathy Gravel, talking about adjusting back to the office. This gives a great introduction into the overall climate of what our back to office environment will be like and hearing it directly from the owners reassures our team that we are taking these policies seriously.  Following their address is the actual animated explanation of the policies. These policies range from staggered shifts, ppe use, visitor policies and more.  The use of animation is a great way to present this new information to users in a colorful and fun way and has also become a popular way to approach explainer videos. 

Back to Office Video Strategy

There was a lot of planning and information that needed to be communicated internally before creating this video. The script that we used for the video came from recourses and policies that our HR team created. We then worked collaboratively with HR to make those policies work as a video script. We recorded the voice over, mapped out the scenes and then animated the video. We added fun and quirky touches such as animated scenes that looked like our actual office and even characters that look like some of our co-workers. We did this in hopes of making our team excited and enjoy watching the video while their learning about these new policies. 

Get Creative!

An animated video is just one of the many ways an organization can create a piece of content. If an organization doesn’t have the budget for an extensive and creative video, just taking a video from your own phone with someone reading out information can still be a great way to get your information out there. Having a visual is a really great way to explain information and can often be more effective then handing someone a paper document. For other back to office messaging ideas, you can check out our webinar on Creative Solutions for Back to Office Messaging

Looking to create a video like this for your COVID-19 Back to Office Re-Entry? Feel free to contact us should you need any assistance! You can also check out our Video Production Services along with our Creative Technology Services.

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