Welcome back to the office!

Personal Protective Equipment & Disinfecting


Each employee has been distributed a mask in a Ziplock bag on your desk.
Masks are to be worn while entering, exiting, and walking around the office.
Masks should cover the nose and mouth.
While masks are not being worn, they must be properly stored. (In a Ziplock bag, etc.)
We have also provided everyone with a GraVoc face covering masks that may be worn around your neck and pulled up while walking around.


Our team will be continuing daily disinfectant routine upon our return to the office which includes all common spaces, door handles, and surface areas.
Wipes will be placed through out the office and we ask that you wipe down any area after you use it.


Hand soap and sanitizer will be provided around the office to ensure proper hand washing.
Hand sanitizer will be placed at each entrance for people entering the building.


We have a supply of gloves for any of you who may need it, if you are handling packages sent to the office etc.

Cubicles & Office Traffic

We will not schedule to have employees in the office at the same time who cannot safely social distance due to seating.

We have ordered dividers for the desks that are not the recommended 6 feet apart.

We have implemented a one-way traffic route in the office. You will find traffic arrows on the wall in which you should follow

All employees are to stagger entrance in the office through the main door – one at a time.

Employees should only enter their own cubicle space and drawers or receive permission from the desk owner. If you need supplies that you do not have, please ask Cathy and we will provide them.

Meeting Rooms

Denali, Zion, Glacier:

Smaller meeting rooms will be only for single person use as we are not able to safely social distance within those areas

Acadia & Yellowstone:

Larger rooms will be marked with seating properly 6 feet apart, seats that should not be used will be marked with an X indicating they are too close.

ALL rooms are to be booked using Outlook. Please let us know if you need assistance booking.

Before & After use – chairs, phones, surface areas, and door handles should be wiped down with the provided disinfectant

Kitchen Area

Tables that are too close will be marked with an X indicating that they are not to be used.

Tables not marked off are to be sat at one at a time

  • We will provide other designated areas for eating.
  • Snacks may be eaten at your desk but no large meals.
  • Tables should be wiped down before and after use.

The water cooler will still be available for hot water and cold water with the use of NEW disposable cups only.

  • Personal water bottles/used cups are not to be refilled using the cooler until further notice

The coffee pod machine and toaster oven will not be available for use until further notice

A Mr. Coffee pot will be placed on the counter so we can safely provide coffee, this requires minimal touching for dispensing

The refrigerator is not to be used and employees are encouraged to bring an insulated lunch bag for their food- GraVoc will be providing everyone with one.

We have moved to all disposable dishware and utensils.

  • We have ordered prepackaged utensils that include forks, knives, spoons, and napkins.
  • Paper plates, cups, and coffee cups will be placed in the kitchen

If you wish to use your own kitchenware it must be immediately brought back to your desk after washing.

  • No food/dishware is to be left on the counter or sink area


Restrooms are to be used in a one in-one out fashion.

Vacancy signs have been placed on the bathroom entrance. Upon entering the bathroom please update the vacancy sign to occupied and change back to vacant upon exit.

Proper hand washing is to be followed upon bathroom use.

Hand soap & hand sanitizer has been placed in each restroom. If soap is low please let someone know.

Visitor Policy

At this time our no visitor policy is still in place.

All and any meetings that can be done virtually should be. We can provide you with a zoom log in if you need to have a video conference with more than the allowed video slots on Teams.

Anyone coming to the office to drop off or pick anything up will be instructed to wait in the front foyer where they can call the admin’s phone for assistance. Visitors will be asked to wait in that area or their car for service.

Please be vigilant of social distancing while interacting with visitors or co-workers. We ask that you refrain from handshakes or any other interactions that would require you to make direct contact with another individual.  

Downloads & Resources

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