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GraVoc is no stranger when it comes to modifying an off-the-shelf software to fit unique business needs. The ever-evolving nature of business requires these software modifications and enhancements to keep up with the way you do business. At GraVoc, we have a world-class software development team whose years of experience includes customizing, enhancing, and building software applications that meet your specific needs.

Software Design & Customization

The first step when designing or implementing a new software is to get a full understanding of the company and its functions. From there we create a blueprint that will assist in the implementation. Using the blueprint designed for your solution, we customize and implement the recommended applications to meet your company’s needs. At GraVoc, our experience is extensive when it comes to modifying the “out of the box” functionality of the applications we support. We modify the configuration and back-end coding so that the solution effectively communicates with the systems, devices, terminology, and data that your business already uses. We then use an extensive set of tools to migrate data, implement the solution and train your users.


Programming a software application is a process that requires a deep understanding of the software application being modified at a functional level, the technical skill necessary to change the way it inherently works, as well as an equal understanding of the business logic behind a given process change and its impact on the software application as a whole. Thinking that software application development is simply a programming exercise is how many organizations get into trouble with their software development efforts.

Process Flow/Workflow Automation

A comprehensive business process workflow analysis is the cornerstone of any successful implementation or development project as it will drive improved processing, consumption and dissemination of a business intelligence data.The purpose of a Business Process Flow or Workflow Analysis is to develop a comprehensive understanding of how information flows in your organizations day-to-day operations. Our team of GraVoc analysts will document how various data is created and consumed throughout your business ensuring that all data, documents, forms and rules of processing are understood. We then map this information into an organizational systems profile identifying redundancies, potential points of failure and potential efficiencies to be gained.

Systems & Data Integration

Data is the lifeblood of your business and either drives or supports your business decisions at every level of your operations. We understand that the information your organization has gathered on your customers, vendors, products, services, and competitors is extremely valuable. One of the primary concerns organizations have when migrating from one business application to another is what happens to their data. Partnering with GraVoc assures that your data in most cases can be successfully migrated from your legacy software applications and data sources to your new business management software applications. Whether you’re moving from Excel spreadsheets, Access databases, SQL databases, or even Web-based point solutions, GraVoc can help export, scrub, map, and import your data correctly. GraVoc has an enormous amount of experience executing data conversions for our customers including migrating data from their legacy software systems to their new applications. GraVoc will load your data into your new system and once fully loaded we will validate the data to ensure that the new system will operate in conformance with your functional requirements. This critical process marks the key point before using your new system in a production environment so sufficient quality checks will be included to confirm the accuracy of the data.

GraVoc Custom Developed Systems

GraVoc Property Manager Logo

GraVoc Property Manager

The GraVoc Property Manager is a front-end, multi-user application that manages all aspects of your apartment rental processes and integrates with many of the most popular back-end accounting applications.

GraVoc Business Process Management System Logo

GraVoc Business Process Management System

The GraVoc Business Process Management System is a front-end, multi-user interface to the Macola Progression series product that helps streamline your entire sales, planning, purchasing, manufacturing and shipping process.

GraVoc Cemetery Management System

GraVoc Cemetery Management System

The GraVoc Cemetery Management System is an easy to use, comprehensive cemetery and crematory management system that allows organizations to track, manage and maintain their property inventory, owners, interments and cremations.

GraVoc Field Service Logo

GraVoc Field Service

The GraVoc Field Service application streamlines your professional services organization by tracking all of your service calls electronically throughout their life cycle within your organization from call entry, dispatch, service completion and billing.

GraVoc Health Recovery Reservation Management System Logo

GraVoc Health Recovery Reservation Management System

The GraVoc Health Recovery Reservation Management System handles the reservation of beds and/or rooms and pre-administration screening and processing.

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