Cloud Services.

modernize your IT infrastructure & applications with cloud services.

Integrate the cloud into your IT infrastructure and applications to engineer a digital transformation. Leverage GraVoc’s cloud consulting services to make your business more agile and scale operations. Our experienced team has worked with companies across industries to deploy or enhance their cloud infrastructure. We provide extensive support across public, private, and hybrid environments – handling migrations, data storage, security, app development, and hosting for clients.


our cloud consulting services:


IT infrastructure

Our team can help you build, deploy, and manage your cloud infrastructure. We can also integrate your public and private cloud IT infrastructure to deliver a hybrid cloud environment.


Business Applications

GraVoc implements and supports a wide range of business applications including cloud-based Dynamics 365 ERP and CRM solutions to help our customers improve the operation and productivity of their business. Click below to learn more about our Microsoft Dynamics 365 services.


security services

Our team offers comprehensive cloud endpoint protection and security solutions to safeguard your IT infrastructure. GraVoc also has an expert cybersecurity team that can test and validate the integrity of your cloud infrastructure. We offer extensive cloud security assessment and penetration testing services for public, private, and hybrid environments.


Managed services for cloud

We offer tiered managed services packages, allowing your business to outsource the delivery and maintenance of cloud computing solutions to GraVoc’s expert team. We can manage your cloud hosting, security, licenses and subscriptions, and more to ensure consistent service and system performance.


app development services

Our seasoned developers have the domain expertise and cutting-edge tools to build a high-performing application that runs in the cloud. Besides designing and deploying cloud apps, we can also provide data storage, backup, security, and other services to assist with ongoing application maintenance.  


web hosting services

We provide reliable and affordable cloud-based web hosting services for businesses of all sizes. Our cloud hosting solutions enhance the performance of your website and can be scaled as you grow.


migration services

Our team can plan and implement a cost-effective migration strategy to seamlessly move your on-premises data, servers, networks, and applications to the cloud with minimal disruption to business operations.

backup & data storage

We use industry-leading tools to store and back up your data in the cloud. This ensures speedy recovery of critical information and applications in the event of a disaster. Cloud storage is also secure and scalable, providing reliable access to your data.

cloud computing solutions that we offer:

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cloud environments we support & deploy.


Public Cloud

Highly scalable, affordable cloud computing option.


Private Cloud

Dedicated network to host your cloud IT infrastructure for better control.

Hybrid Cloud

Integrated public and private clouds give you the benefits of both solutions.

benefits of our cloud consulting services.

reduced costs.

Leverage our services for a hassle-free move to the cloud and enjoy the benefits of lower IT infrastructure and maintenance costs. Our team has the industry-leading expertise and solutions portfolio to deliver seamless cloud deployment for your business. By opting for our managed services, you can further outsource the maintenance and security of your cloud infrastructure or web hosting to our team and reduce your operational costs.

enhanced security.

Our team offers an extensive portfolio of cybersecurity and compliance solutions to ensure maximum protection of your data and cloud environment against evolving threats. We ensure your data is encrypted and establish user access. Leverage our security expertise and resources to prevent and mitigate threats to your cloud infrastructure.

streamlined deployment & migration.

Our consulting team has managed hundreds of cloud deployments and migrations for clients across diverse industries. We have the expertise to design a streamlined cloud migration strategy to ensure all your infrastructure and data components are moved over with minimal disruption to your business operations.

rapid app development.

Our developers follow a hybrid agile process to build responsive and user-friendly cloud applications. We can develop a brand-new cloud application for your business, modernize a legacy application, or design new features for your existing cloud application.

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