GraVoc’s Billing Platform for Greenshades Payroll & Business Central.

convert Greenshades payroll data into invoices in Business Central.

GraVoc’s Billing Platform enables small and medium-sized staffing firms to manage their pay/bill relationships with two best-of-breed solutions: Greenshades Payroll as the HR and payroll provider and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central as the ERP system.


Our Billing Platform for Greenshades Payroll turns Greenshades pay data into Business Central invoicing or billing transactions, which drive Revenue Recognition, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger and Dimension analysis reporting. With this solution, staffing firms can boost efficiency by automating billing to eliminate manual file transfer, duplicate entries, and manipulation of timesheet data.

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how it works:

Our Billing Platform connects directly to Greenshades Payroll and ingests post-pay data, associates time entries with billing cards in Dynamics 365 Business Central, performs validation and exception reporting on the incoming data, and then tracks it through the billing process all the way to posting.

Billing Cards

Billing Cards are established for each Customer record in Business Central that determine the billing contact, dimensions, add-ins, allowances, comments, rates, frequency, and user-defined (custom text) field values.

Paycheck records

Each week after the Greenshades Payroll is posted, the Billing Platform connects via API directly and securely. New paycheck records are pulled into Business Central.

Validation & analysis

Validation and analysis is performed against the incoming data. The Sync Log alerts the billing manager to any problematic pay situations that require clearing or additional setup or adjustments on a Customer Billing Card.

Prebill action

The Prebill action gathers the available payroll data and suggests a list of billings for the week. These prebill invoices are useful to ensure the compiled data is correct before committing to an invoice.

Sales Invoices

When finalized, sales invoices are generated per the Billing Card configuration, printed and emailed, and posted to Business Central. If corrections are needed and a new invoice is required, sales credit memos will release the billable charges. After rates or other adjustments are made, a new invoice can be re-generated.

streamlined solution configuration & deployment for staffing firms.

Design & action plan

GraVoc will meet with you and your Greenshades Payroll implementation team to ensure we have full understanding of the setup and your payroll processing routines. We will review and document all of billing requirements during the design process and translate them into a ‘Setup Action Plan.’

Deployment & configuration

GraVoc deploys the Billing Platform extension into your Business Central tenant (sandbox first, of course!), and then performs initial configuration and feature setup for the product.

Data synchronization

Initial synchronization of data for the GraVoc Billing Platform occurs between Business Central and Greenshades. This is performed after Greenshades Payroll has been configured and tested.


Test payroll transactions are created in Greenshades Payroll and imported, validated, and billed in Business Central until all defined billing use cases are considered and working properly.

Move to production in Business Central

We ensure the billable rates, invoice breakouts and groupings, invoice layout and appearance, email functionality, and all related reporting are reviewed and approved before moving to the production Business Central environment.

drive efficiency with GraVoc’s Billing Platform for Greenshades Payroll.


No manual file transfers, duplicate entry, or manipulation of timesheet data for billing purposes.


Simplified Billing Rate maintenance for customers and related payees.

Billing automation and approvals handled entirely within the ERP prior to posting.

Enables financial dimension synchronization, revenue recognition, reporting and analysis.


Credit/Rebill tracking and auditing to ensure everything is billed for the proper amount.

GraVoc’s Billing Platform and the native Business Central report options allow for a wide range of configurations to make your documents look great.

we’ve got you covered with support services:

Business Central demo & implementation

If Business Central is new to you, we can provide an overview and demonstration of the rich functionality at a time that suits your team’s calendar. As a certified Microsoft Solutions Partner, our team can also assist with the smooth implementation of Business Central to replace your existing ERP system.
customization icon

Receivables Management in Business Central

Managing Receivables in Business Central is an important downstream aspect of billing. There are automated bank imports that can find and match open invoices, there are multiple types of cash receipt entry methods. It also offers customer statements, reminders, and finance charge functionality. We support customers as they grow to leverage each of these features and more.

User training for staffing teams

Training and documentation are an essential part of any technology project, and we help lead the way and provide lasting assets throughout the process so your team can operate independently after going live.
Power BI

Power BI reporting

Power BI reporting and analysis has become the lynchpin between CFOs and their data. Our team of reporting and ERP specialists have been providing Power BI solutions and dashboards to staffing and recruiting companies for many years to enhance data insights and visibility.

see how our Billing Platform for Greenshades Payroll works.

We co-hosted a webinar with Greenshades where we demonstrated how our Billing Platform can seamlessly convert payroll data in Greenshades into actionable invoices in Business Central. Check out the demo below!

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related news.

GraVoc has been a Microsoft Partner for over 30 years. We have invested extensively in the training and certification of our staff, resulting in our status as a Microsoft Solutions Partner. Our experienced team holds over 100 Microsoft certifications, assuring customers that we are both current in our knowledge and training in the core competency requirements of their on-premises and cloud ERP environment.