In this employee spotlight, meet Jebediah Stroble, Lead Software Engineer at GraVoc!

Jeb is curious about new technology and definitely knows how to crack a good joke. As GraVoc’s Lead Software Engineer for Dynamics 365 Sales, Jeb is a customer champion, setting up clients for success through frictionless system implementations of their CRM and Power Platform solutions. A real team player, he is always willing to go above and beyond to support both clients and his co-workers!

Check out the video and Q&A below to learn more about Jeb!

Tell us a little bit about yourself & what you do at GraVoc:

My name is Jebediah Stroble. I live in Rhode Island, and I am a Lead Software Engineer at GraVoc. Within the company’s Software Solutions practice, I lead our Dynamics 365 Sales and Marketing implementations and upgrades. We do everything from implementing brand-new Dynamics 365 Sales platforms to clean up of data and systems from other failed implementations to migrations and general enhancements across the Microsoft Dynamics 365 space.

What drew you to pursue a career in technology?

From a young age, I enjoyed playing video games. It always fascinated me how the input from the controllers got to the screen. So, I was always tinkering with computers, electronics and trying to fix things and see how they work. This led me to pursue programming and become a software engineer.

What do you enjoy the most about working for GraVoc?

I enjoy the work-life balance and sense of community here. Everyone knows each other and acknowledges each other. If you need anything, it’s very easy to go to your manager or the owner to ask for help and they’re willing to work with you.

Favorite projects you’ve worked on so far?

One of my favorite projects would be a Dynamics CRM implementation that we did for a company that was working off Excel spreadsheets. They help kids with difficulties in school, so they coach and mentor them. The organization needed a system to track their relationships with their students and coaches, and Dynamics CRM, or Sales, was a good fit for them.

Where are we likely to find you outside of work?

I will most likely be watching my children! Once they go to bed, I am usually playing video games or working on my computer, whether it be coding or looking for the latest and greatest things online.

What’s something you find fascinating about technology like CRM and Power Platform?

Dynamics 365 Sales and the Power Platform, in general, are moving to a more user-friendly interface. Microsoft is creating products that allow savvy users to create and maintain their own systems, so it’s reaching a much broader audience and becoming more mainstream, which I think is great.

Why are systems like CRM and Power Platform important for businesses today?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management – every business has customers and needs to maintain those relationships. So, having a CRM system is super important for any business to maintain customer relationships and grow. CRM and the Power Platform allow businesses to track relationships and avoid losing key connections that keep their company afloat.

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