GP bad data detector.

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Find Bad Data within Dynamics GP with Power BI

turn finding bad data in gp into fun.

One of the key strengths of Power BI is its ability to discover and detect outlier or unusual data. Ever experience Stuck Batches? Phantom records? Incomplete SOP transactions? Broken Purchase Orders? Duplicate keys? Ease the burden on your GP Administrators and provide more transparency and quicker attention to adverse data situations in some of the most important database tables in Dynamics GP with our GP Bad Data Detector dashboard.

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Side Affects of Detecting Bad Data in Dynamics GP:

  • Changes user behavior
  • Fewer support cases
  • More complete / quality data sets; better insights
  • Improved integration quality
  • Labels, Invoices and AP Checks print nicely & cleanly
  • Better overall end-user experience; more uptime

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banking dashboard

bad batches

bad sessions & database owners

bad payment terms

new modified customers & vendors

bad gl accounts & transaction data

bad payables apply data

bad receivables apply data

bad sales transaction data

bad purchase order data

payables duplicate key finder

payables broken key finder

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