GP Security Analyzer 

Built on Power BI

The easiest and the most powerfully visual way to understand Dynamics GP Security.

22 dashboards of Dynamics GP Security Analysis Bliss!

GP Security Analyzer 

Based on Power BI

The easiest and the most powerfully visual way to understand Dynamics GP Security.

22 dashboards of Dynamics GP Security Analysis Bliss!

Keep it simple – Green is good; access granted 

(Really) Analyzing GP Security is not a small task.  The traditional approach has been to create custom SQL Views attached to Smartlists that read, filter and export the data, or by using custom refreshable Excel reports with embedded links and pivot tables, or by using the embedded GP Reports and various setup and inquiry windows.  All of these produce a massive amount of data but very little meaning because these reports can often be over 1,000 pages long, and the SQL view can easily be over 500,000 lines deep.

However – there is now a BIGGER, BETTER, FASTER, CHEAPER way to get a handle on your GP user security configurations.  Turn that big data into a tool that enhances your visibility into user permissions. 

Ask Yourself…

  • If you could “SEE” your GP security configurations by Role, User and Task would you be interested? 
  • If you could “INTERACT” and “REVIEW” your GP security stance visually would you be interested?
  • Do you know if you have a “Segregation of Duties” problem within Dynamics GP?
  • If you could “INCREASE” effectiveness and visibility, “CUT COSTS” and “SAVE TIME” with customizable SOX compliance reporting and analysis for Dynamics GP, would you find it helpful?

Explore 22 dashboards of Dynamics GP Security Analysis bliss!


Security Analyzer


Users and their related Roles, Tasks and all related Window assignments


Security Details


Cross-tab analysis of Users, Roles and ALL-related Tasks


Role Comparison













Delete and Remove







Purchasing (POP)




Sales (SOP)




Bank Reconciliation




There are six Power BI dashboards in the GP Security Analyzer that visually and interactively illustrate Financial, Payables, Purchasing, Inventory, Receivables, Sales and Bank Reconciliation controls by User and Role.  The dashboards segregate access based on Setup, Maintenance, Transaction Entry, Settlement and Void permissions, interwoven with both GP Workflow Approvals and Company Posting Batch Approval controls where enabled within their respective setups.

This suite of reports and dashboards definitively helps demystify Dynamics GP Security for any environment.  Easily customizable and expandable.


Cross-tab analysis of Users with only ADMIN-related tasks


Last Created


Last Modified



Share any of the interactive GP Security Analyzer Power BI reports directly in a Microsoft TEAMS channel


Run. Analyze. Modify. Refresh … then Publish the GP Security Analysis to the Power BI Service and share with management, auditors, and team members (optional)


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