Power BI Dashboard for GP Admins, Managers & Users

Perform a Dynamics GP System Audit / Assessment & ongoing monitoring through a single location point

With 30 different dashboards and almost 300 Power BI data titles, our Power BI Dashboard for Dynamics GP provides an all-in-one location where users can view the important setups, and document and explore the data in their GP ecosystem!

A Different Twist on Power BI

When getting to know a Dynamics GP environment, it is mandatory to perform a system audit first. This system audit is in essence a series of questions against relevant data sources, as well as reviewing the configurations of each application. The best kind of audit would traverse deeply at both the technical and functional elements of the system. The Power BI Dashboard for GP has been created by incorporating one query or object at a time from an enhanced Dynamics GP audit process into the data model.  

The model looks not DEEP, but WIDE instead. This is done by collecting intelligence from 150 SQL objects including:

SQL-Server instance data, The Dynamics GP System, GP Company and Module Setup & Configuration data, Management Reporter data, as well as ISV data

The Current Model: By the Numbers

Current Power BI GP Administrator Model:

  • 10 Data Sources
  • 30 Dashboards
  • 150 Queries
  • 348 Tiles
  • 3 ISVs


master, model, sp, msdb, tempdb

Dashboards: 1
Intel Points: 14

Company Main

Company setups, posting setups, multi-currency setup, Doc Attach and Workflow

Dashboards: 4
Intel Points: 42

Management Reporter


Dashboard: 1
Intel Points: 10

ISV Solutions

eOne, Professional Advantage, Mekorma ProFad – Collections, Company Data Archive, Mekorma – MICR for Payables 

Dashboards: 1
Intel Points: 6


System setup, activity, user setup, security setup, multi-currency setup, products & upgrade

Dashboards: 6
Intel Points: 41

Company Modules

Financial (GL, Def Rev, Fixed Assets), Bank Reconciliation (incl. eBanking), Payables & Purchasing, Sales, Receivables & Invoicing,  Sales Ordering Processing, Inventory, US Payroll

Dashboards: 7
Intel Points: 71


Passwords, Taxes, Last Close, User-Defined Fields, Next Numbers, History, Delete/Void, Module Setup Dates, Pathnames, Master Records

Dashboards: 10
Intel Points: 164

Explore the Dashboards

Take a look below at sample dashboards of our Power BI Dashboard for Dynamics GP

Why Use Power BI as a GP Admin Dashboard?


Because ERP and the GP SQL Tables are complex


Available as part of Office 365


Easy to customize and build upon


Don’t need to be a GP User


Interactive by nature


Don’t need the GP Client Installed


Consistent and repeatable set of queries


Expand or contract the model as-needed

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