No matter what industry you are in, video will keep your business growing because it has essentially become a standard in the 21st century. With video, you can get 10x the amount of information presented to the customer in the same amount of time as it would take to read.


Here are three reasons why video is perfect for growing your business:

1. Engaging Advertising

Videos create engaging advertising opportunities for your online audience and your web presence. A great way to implement video on your website is by adding one straight to your homepage. It will be the first thing your customer sees, and it will increase the amount of time they stay on your page. By increasing the amount of time a user is on your page, you are decreasing your bounce rate. Bounce rate refers to how long a user stays on your page, having a high bounce means that your content is not sticking. Videos are a great way to create sticky content for your website. Having a video on your homepage is also a great way to get on a personal level with your customers. By actually seeing you on the screen and hearing you speak, you begin to build trust and a connection with your viewers. Videos are also great for explaining a service or product. Below are two examples of videos created by GraVoc for customers for their website and blog.

2. Social Media 

Social media giants such as Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter rely on videos to help drive their platforms. It is very rare to go onto one of these sites and not see a video. Between YouTube getting over 1.3 million visitors every day, coupled with 1.2 billion Facebook users daily, it is a no-brainer that those tools are essentials for your business success. Just make sure to keep your videos short and sweet, because people will lose interest after a couple of minutes. We recently edited a video for The Light House Foundation and Gronk Nation to use for their social media campaigns during a raffle they were running. The video was uploaded directly to Gronk’s Facebook page and received over 18,000 in the first 6 hours.


3. People are Lazy

Video will continue to grow your business because a majority of people would rather sit back and listen to you do the talking than having to read text on their own. They don’t want to sit there reading blocks of text about your product or service, they want you to show them your product or service. You could also ask past customers to do a video testimonial for you. Again, by seeing the person and hearing them talk about your company, your customer is learning more and building more trust with you as a potential customer. Check out some of the video testimonials below we have created for customers.

GraVoc provides a variety of video production services. Check them out below. 

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