One of the most important obstacles to overcome when developing a new website is creating a design that will both attract and stick consumers to the site.  While consumers visit hundreds of pages, they are generally only ‘sticking,’ or staying, on a site for 15 seconds to 1 minute before opting out and moving on to a new site. Getting a consumer to stay on your website takes both creative and strategic thinking. Below are some examples of how GraVoc’s Media Production team creates stickiness for their clients websites.

How to Create stickiness for your website:

Easy Navigation

Your website should be easy to navigate. Do not leave it up to the visitor to make sense of your website, because they won’t. Put the most important links on the front page so that visitors can have easy access and won’t have to search around your site to find what they are looking for.

Relevant Information

Provide relevant news and information. By constantly having updated information, you are keeping your customers up-to-date on whats going on with your company. Your customers will also be intrigued and willing to come back more if they notice that you update your website frequently. News posts are also a great way to build your SEO, the more high quality content you produce, the more relevant you will be on search engines.

Landing Page

Create landing pages for a specific item or product. A landing page is the page were the customer lands on after he or she has clicked a link. For example, if you are trying to sell a camera, create a landing page featuring that product or take them to the page in which the camera appears in the online store.


Include effective video and images that will grab your viewer’s attention. According to marketers, videos will be the next big form of advertising in today’s world. Videos help to engage your customer on your website longer.


Personalize your website to include pictures of your company, staff, or work life. You could even write blog posts about recent accomplishments or activities by members in your office. Researchers have found that people feel a closer connection to a business when they know more about them.


Get visitors to stick on your website longer by having demonstrations or how-to graphics. Companies can demonstrate how their product or service works through visually appealing graphics and videos.


Surveys are a good way for your visitors to engage with your website. Surveys can also help you gain valuable information from your visitors by collecting their data.


Adding a blog to your website will engage your visitors more. Include pictures and videos in your blogs to make them engaging, as well as visually appealing. Try to use bullet points and short paragraphs as opposed to long paragraphs with a lot of text. Readers will most likely skim through your blog to find the most important information.


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