Microsoft has ended mainstream support for many versions of Dynamics on-prem systems. This means that legacy Dynamics ERP and CRM users will soon be stuck with outdated or aging technology that is hard to support. Microsoft’s new Bridge to the Cloud 2 promotion is designed to accelerate these customers’ digital transformation journey.

With this offer, customers using Dynamics on-premises products such as GP, NAV, SL, CRM, and AX get a 40% discount during a 3-year term when migrating to functionally similar Dynamics 365 solutions. This is a great opportunity for Dynamics on-prem users to migrate to the cloud at a reduced cost and leverage scalable technology that can grow with their business!


‘Bridge to the Cloud 2’ Promotion Explained


What is the Bridge to the Cloud 2 license discounts?

Eligible “Dynamics on-premises” commercial customers get a 40% discount on the standard commercial list price.


Which products are eligible for discounts under Bridge to the Cloud 2?

This promotion is available to customers migrating from Dynamics on-premises products to functionally similar Dynamics 365 solutions. For instance, any of the following migrations would qualify for this discount:


What is the Bridge to the Cloud 2 promotion duration?

The offer is available from February 1, 2023, to December 31, 2024. Customers sign up for a fixed 3-year term from enrollment. The offer is non-renewable, and after the promotional period ends, normal pricing will apply.


Will customers with a lapsed Enhancement Plan qualify for this offer?

Customers with an active Enhancement Plan (EP) plan can enroll in the promotion at any time during their EP plan’s term.

For customers with a lapsed EP, there are two exceptions. Those with an EP that lapsed for 30 days or less can enroll in the Bridge to the Cloud program without paying any fees.

Customers with a lapsed EP plan beyond the 30-day grace period must pay “lapsed fees” from their EP plan’s expiration date to the present, up to a maximum of 3 years. If customers have AX 2009, AX 2012, NAV 2009 or GP 2010, they will only have to pay their lapsed fees up to a maximum of 1 year.


Can customers on the CSP-EP renewal or Bridge to the Cloud promotion transfer to this promotion?

No, customers cannot transfer to Bridge to the Cloud 2 from a different offer or combine this discount with other promotions.


Key benefits included in the promotion.

  • Dual Access Rights: During the promotional term, customers may continue to use, expand, and upgrade their legacy on-premises system while completing the migration.
  • 50% discount against additional on-premises users: During the migration, customers can purchase additional temporary users at a discounted price.

Need assistance with migrating to Dynamics 365 with ‘Bridge to the Cloud 2’?

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