E3 Ranch Foundation – founded in 2017 by major league baseball player Adam LaRoche and his wife Jennifer – serves combat veterans, fights against human trafficking, and provides support during humanitarian crises. The Foundation approached our team about a website redesign to enhance the look, feel, and usability of the site. Our team developed a custom, responsive WordPress website for the E3 Ranch Foundation, giving the nonprofit a more modern platform to drive awareness about its work and engage donors.


The website’s striking dark color palette is inspired by the Foundation’s branding. Vibrant red accents stand out against the website’s black background and draw user attention to calls-to-action. The streamlined menu allows users to easily navigate to and browse information on the Foundation’s work, team, news, and stories, eventually guiding them to the donation webpage. The website is also responsive and mobile-friendly, delivering a frictionless user experience across devices.

Our team also designed a bold and visually engaging homepage with many opportunities for user engagement. Site visitors can further explore and connect with the Foundation’s social media channels through the homepage.

Through deep content and dynamic visuals, the website’s ‘Our Work’ communicates the scope of the Foundation’s services and support of veterans, anti-human trafficking, and humanitarian aid during crisis. Site visitors can also find ways to donate to the cause on these webpages.
The website’s ‘About’ section showcases the Foundation’s team and board of directors, allowing site visitors to connect with the people behind the cause. Through the ‘Meet the LaRoche’s’ webpage, site visitors can get to know founders of E3 Ranch Foundation, Adam and Jennifer. The eye-catching ‘Board of Directors’ webpage features headshots and bios of other key members of the Foundation.
The website’s ‘Stories’ and ‘News & Media’ sections provide the Foundation with dedicated spaces to share new information on its work, mission, and partnerships. Using the custom WordPress CMS modules that our team implemented, the E3 Ranch Foundation team can continue updating the website with fresh stories about its work and keep audiences invested in its mission.

Our team also developed a user-friendly donation form with custom fields for the Foundation’s website. We wanted to ensure that once a site visitor decides to donate, they can start and complete the process without a glitch. On the form, site visitors can choose a pre-defined or custom donation amount, designate the contribution to a specific cause, and quickly make a donation.

The form also provides users with the options to create an anonymous donation or a monthly donation. The webpage further features expandable blocks that house information on other ways to give to E3 Ranch Foundation as well as donation-related FAQ.

Our team is thrilled with the dynamic look and feel of the redesigned E3 Ranch Foundation website! The new website is a visually appealing and user-friendly resource for anyone looking to learn more about the Foundation’s work and impact. And, the streamlined donation form ensures that in a few quick clicks, site visitors can make a contribution to support E3 Ranch Foundation’s cause.

Today, we continue to provide the Foundation with web support through our comprehensive WordPress Maintenance Plan. Our team has also collaborated with the Foundation on other web design projects to generate engagement for its charity promotions, including the ‘Luke Gives Back’ fundraising giveaway. We look forward to a long and creative partnership with the E3 Ranch Foundation!

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