Our co-worker, Dan Johnson, was invited to join a webinar hosted by the Financial Management Association of New Hampshire. The webinar, “Let’s Share Timely Tips on the Pandemic”, focused on beneficial tips within the business industry to help other organizations during these challenging times. 

Dan spoke about how during this time, mobility and remote access has been the biggest factor that organizations need help with in order to operate their business properly. Many organizations thought they had a solid business continuity plan in place, however, once the pandemic hit, they quickly realized they had missing pieces. What happens when the accounting team can’t go into the office to collect mail? He highlights the importance of process automation and how many accounting functions have become a core component in business pandemic response.

So, the pandemic happened. What’s next? Dan explained how GraVoc has been advising customers to take this time to get better, improve processes and make necessary changes because the old normal may not be coming back. He advises that premiere business applications and IT infrastructure be put in place to virtualize and digitize operations and at a minimal, that everything be backed up and stored to a cloud. He encourages organizations to explore Office 365 as it is a great resource for businesses to use while working from home. It includes SharePoint, OneDrive, Microsoft Teams with multiple resources within itself and much more. 

Dan finishes with informing organizations on what to do when ransomware and cyber-attacks occur. GraVoc has noticed a large increase in the amount of targeted phishing and ransomware attacks because of this pandemic since hackers realize the amount of vulnerability and little risk assessment given to employees from home. He suggests organizations to use secure means of access and even consider implementing a multi-factor authentication process in order to access critical business systems. He also encourages to have an antivirus up-to-date and overall have a well-supported operating system that is able to withstand such attacks.

It is crucial for all organizations to be prepared for the unexpected in order to thrive during situations such as the current pandemic. We hope this helps you and your business for planning for the future! If you need any assistance with your business applications or technology, please do not hesitate to reach out to us

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