Just a friendly reminder that events like COVID-19 are exactly the opportunities that Cyber Criminals, Hackers, and Fraudsters use to rob you of your information.  Whenever there is any sort of public incident, and especially those that drive fear or result in tragedy, the bad guys look to capitalize.  Official data is just starting to come in,  but one source – Cynet via the Hacker News Website, shows that cyber-attacks has essentially tripled in Italy during its COVID-19 outbreak when compared to prior months.

Our customers and vendors are seeing a spike already in all sorts for phishing attempts.  Below are examples of some of what we are seeing:



  • Here is some BRAND NEW CORONA NEWS! Click here (or download the attachment) to get the latest/best info!
  • Click here to see a map detailing the all locations near you where COVID-19 cases have been confirmed.

Note: That this Clickbait approach definitely goes beyond links to malicious websites.  Credential stealing android apps following this exact pretext have been identified already!


Suspicious Activity Alert:


  • We have noticed an unexpected login associated with your Microsoft/Google/etc. account.  Please click here to review details and to ensure account security. 

Note: The bad guys also know that many businesses have their employees working remotely, and some probably scrambled to implement remote work capabilities, so phishing attempts will be specific to this as well.



  • President Trump just declared a national Shelter-In-Place Order effective immediately.  The National Guard and Military will be deployed to assist and enforce as needed.  Here is what you need to know!

Charity/COVID-19 Relief:


  • Want to help Corona virus victims?  Donate to our COVID-19 relief fund!

While this is just a few buckets and examples, it’s a reminder to remain vigilant in these trying times.  Remain cognizant of normal/expected communications and communication channels.  Certainly COVID-19 response will require some adjustments to normal and expected communication, but don’t let that make you disregard the normal scrutiny you would have.  The bad guys will try to exploit all aspects of the COVID-19 situation (public fear, new/remote work settings and connectivity, charity, etc.)


  • Inspect links before clicking! (Hover over to reveal link destinations)
  • Watch out for spoofed domains/email addresses (google vs. go0gle)!
  • Validate any email that requires you to take a specific action (click/download)!
  • If you do want to donate to support COVID-19 relief efforts, ensure that the charity is legitimate and reputable!
  • Always use company-approved methods for accessing company resources and for performing work duties!

The last thing anyone wants is to be dealing with a Cyber-attack while also coping with the Covid-19 virus issue.  If you have any questions or you find something suspicious, please contact our Information Security Team. 

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