It’s uncommon to find a software that is 100% tailored for your industry. Typically, custom code and development are required in order to achieve the perfect solution.  Implementing these custom solutions for your organization can be time consuming and not always budget friendly especially when custom code is needed. Microsoft has been working closely with certain industries to help make the Common Data Model more relevant by creating Industry Solution Accelerators. 

Industry Solution Accelerators for Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power platform are tailored base components that enable ISVs and other solution providers to rapidly setup vertical solutions that are based on industry standards supported by Microsoft. These Accelerators extend the Common Data Model to incorporate new entities to support a data schema for concepts and ideas within specific industries and will help save time when implementing tailored solutions.

Industry Solution Accelerators allow you to:

Build solutions on the Microsoft Power Platform that integrate existing 3rd party applications


Embed new applications on Dynamics 365

Extend existing first party applications, such as Sales, Service and Marketing

Microsoft is committed to enhancing their Common Data Model for many industries through their Solution Accelerators. They began rolling out their tailored accelerators back in 2018. Since then, they have implemented accelerators for Healthcare, Higher Education, Nonprofit, Automotive, Banking, Media and more. Below we have highlighted a few of their accelerators for Dynamics 356 and their functionality. 

Dynamics 365 Banking Accelerator

The Dynamics 365 Banking Accelerator allows the financial industry to develop solutions using entities and attributes that banks leverage on a daily basis. Some of these common entities include banks, branches, accounts, collateral, financial products, loans, referrals, limits, requested facilities and more. With the Dynamics 365 Banking Accelerator, users and solution providers can optimize customer experience, improve collaboration within the bank as well as gain insights from analytics. 


  • Common Data Model extensions to include a data model to support banking
  • Samples: apps, dashboards and more for commercial and retail banking 
  • Connections: Dynamics 365, Azure, AI, Power BI, PowerApps, and Office 365
  • Open Banking: interoperable with several service domains of BIAN 

Dynamics 365 Healthcare Accelerator

The Dynamics Healthcare Accelerator was announced in July 2018 and was developed to enable partners and customers to create new use cases and workflows using Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) entities. Some of these common entities include patients, services, care plans, medications, locations, encounters, observations, risk assessments and more. 


  • Common Data Model extensions to include a data model to support healthcare
  • Compliance: HIPAA and HITRUST
  • Care Team Visualization which provides a connected view of the care team associated with a patient
  • Patient Timeline  

Dynamics 365 Nonprofit Accelerator

The Dynamics 365 Nonprofit Accelerator was announced in April 2018 to help nonprofits leverage greater impact through technology. This accelerator allows partners and users to optimize aspects of organizational processes, including raising funds, managing grants/ awards and tracking impact. 


  • Common Data Model extensions to include a data model to support nonprofits
  • Individual, household and organization customer engagement forms
  • Support for analytics
  • End-to-end Focus: Program delivery, constituent, donations, fundraising, and grant/award management

Dynamics 365 Higher-Education Accelerator

The Dynamics 365 Higher-Education Accelerator was announced in October 2018 and allows partners and users to develop solutions based on higher-education entities and attributes. Some of these entities include students, faculty, courses, test scores and more. 


  • Common Data Model extensions to include a data model to support high-education
  • Student, faculty, course history and other customer engagement forms
  • Support for analytics
  • System views that provide easy access to higher-education entities 
  • Sample Dynamics 365 Dashboards and a Power BI Dashboard 

Dynamics 365 Automotive Accelerator

The Dynamics 365 Automotive Accelerator allows partners and users to develop solutions based on entities that dealerships and OEMs commonly use. These entities include Aggregate KPI, Customer Account, Leads, Opportunties, Plates, Service Appointments, Warranties, Registrations, Contracts, Fleets and more. 


  • Common Data Model extensions to include a data model to support customer experiences, entity definitions and relationships
  • Best practice model based on industry standards for the automotive sector
  • Sample Power BI dashboards that provide analytics around vehicle inventory, services, lead disposition, branding, and business operation.
  • Service and After-Sales Focus: Service Appointments, Contracts, Warranties 
  • Native CDM Support

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