When we first began operations in 1994, our primary mission was to help our customers solve business problems by identifying and implementing solutions that specifically fit their business needs.  As we grew throughout the years, we stuck to this mission and developed our services to create a customer-first approach. This approach has paved the way for us to enter our twenty-fifth year of operation, where we continue to put our customers’ needs first.

Throughout our 25 years of operations, we have seen business and technology trends come and go. As new technology and software developed, companies were quick to abort what they have spent years perfecting to push the latest and greatest advancements.  It was clear to us that instead of putting the customers’ best interest first, many companies were blindly pushing products that did not address their customers’ needs.

A great example of this is the Microsoft Dynamics product line. GraVoc has been a proud Partner with Microsoft for over 20 years. We have grown with Microsoft and have helped hundreds of our customers through the successful implementation and support services of their products, like Microsoft Dynamics GP. Microsoft Dynamics GP is a stable, tried and true ERP product that has served the needs of customers for many years.  Today, we see many partners looking to push customers to the newest cloud offerings, like Dynamics 365, focusing on the license sale rather than the customer need.

Unfortunately, in many cases Microsoft has encouraged this behavior in the interest of increasing their sales and dominance of the cloud space.  Partners who care about their customers are still the lynchpin of this decision and we need to help the customer decide if this change is in their customer’s best interest.  At GraVoc we will continue to look at our customers first and guide them in the right direction.  We can’t forget it, was the customer who got us here and we owe them nothing less than to look out for their best interests.

As much as we support Microsoft and their products, we cannot wrap our heads around blindly pushing a product that does not align with our mission of helping our customers solve business problems through solutions that specifically fit their business needs.  We continue to believe that each business is different and requires a thorough understanding and assessment to understand all of the moving parts of their operation and finding the appropriate solution that is right for them. As our company continues to grow, we will continue to push past the noise and sales hype to find the appropriate solution that makes the most sense for our customers and continue to understand that “Our Business is Your Success”!

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