The minute that your website is built and published for the world to see, it can be easy for any business owner to focus on just their business, while their website updates are often forgotten and pushed to the side. Hence, why a WordPress Maintenance Plan is often compared to an oil change for your car.

With your car, we are all aware that an oil change is necessary in order for the car to keep running, as well as prolong the life of the car. In many ways, your website must be treated the same way. Having outdated plugins, themes and applications can have devastating consequences on your website. At GraVoc, we highly recommend inquiring with your web developer or hosting provider to see if they offer any kind of WordPress Maintenance Packages and below are a few reasons why.

Because WordPress is constantly changing. . .

In todays society, hack attacks and breaches have become far too common. Hackers pry on vulnerable websites through out-dated applications, plugins, code and other weak penetration points within your site. With WordPress constantly evolving and changing its features day-by-day, it is imperative that you stay up-to-date with these changes. In order to regularly keep your site running, its best to stay up-to-date with the latest version of WordPress, so you don’t bump into glitches in the future. According to, to put it simply, “your website is a just a bunch of files on a large, shared computer (called a server).” With a WordPress website,  you are able to create pages, posts and make design edits to your website easily. These pages, posts and code files will need to be  “updated every so often to fend off evil-doers who seek out vulnerabilities in the website and expose them to wreak havoc, costing you money, time and adding stress to your life.”  Having outdated elements on your website can be extremely dangerous and the longer you wait to fix the issue, the more vulnerable your site will become.


Because technology can be a scary place. . .

When an orange notification is shown that updates need to be made on WordPress, it’s best to look into what your hosting site or web developers can do for you, in order to make sure that your website has a proper backup before updating. According to Blue Ivory Creative, without a proper backup, issues like “your site crashes, your hosting account goes down, [or worse], someone does hack your site and your locked out of it. It’s always good to have a few backups in your back pocket!”

Not properly backing up your website may be one of the most common mistakes that we see here at GraVoc. If you update your website without pulling a backup of your files, you can loose the timely customizations that were created specifically for your site as well as other important files and documentations.  Another common mistake that WordPress owners make is updating a plugin or theme right away without making sure that everything will be compatible once the update is complete. Take the time to make sure everything is compatible BEFORE you initiate the update.

Because the goal is simple: avoiding costly updates. . .

The goal is simple, avoid costly updates with your website. Maintaining your WordPress website on a regular basis is an important part of keeping your site healthy and secure.  Common problems that occur when a WordPress site has not been properly maintained are hack attacks, spam, browser and mobile performance issues and update failures. Staying ahead of updates can be a timely and technical process as technology is constantly changing. If you are unable to dedicate time to updating your website, we recommend working with your web developers or hosting provider to see if they offer a WordPress Maintenance Package to monitor your website for you. If you are looking for a WordPress Maintenance provider, GraVoc offers a WordPress Maintenance Package that will keep your site up to speed and save you from costly updates in the future for those who are unable to dedicate the time to maintaining their website.


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