This April, Microsoft will be releasing the latest version of their application geared specifically toward marketers. Dynamics 365 for Marketing has comprehensive capabilities for designing and running multi-channel campaigns that includes email marketing, event management, lead management, embedded intelligence for segment targeting, lead scoring, and interaction insights.

Many companies today rely heavily on 3rd party applications to host their marketing solutions such as email marketing, form generators and event planning. With Dynamics 365 for Marketing, professionals can create and nurture leads in a one stop shop that will free up employee’s time from bouncing between platforms.

Dynamics 365 for Marketing was built using the same platform as Dynamics 365 for Sales which means your sales team and marketing team can share common information and business processes allowing them to collaborate closely as the sale cycle progresses.


Below we have provided an overview of what to expect with Dynamics 365 for Marketing.

Content Creation

With Dynamics 365 for Marketing, marketers can create dynamic online content such as email messages, landing pages and forms for lead generation. Configurable templates and designer tools are available within the Email Designer allowing you to create personalized emails that reflect your branding.  Along with the Email Designer, Dynamics 365 for Marketing also has a Marketing Page Designer which will allow you to use graphical tools to create web pages/landing page.

Event Management 

If you host events or webinars, Dynamics 365 for Marketing can help simplify your event management and planning. Within the application, users can manage and track event registration as well as attendance. With comprehensive event logistics, Dynamics 365 for Marketing allows marketers to manage speakers, venues, sponsors, session schedule, event passes and a whole lot more. There is even an event portal which will make it easy for attendees to view speaker bios, review the session schedule, manage their calendar and register for events and sessions.

Lead Management

Dynamics 365 for Marketing contains intuitive Lead Management to help you organize your leads throughout the customer’s journey. Marketers can create dedicated landing pages to invite their contacts to connect with them. Using an automated, rule-based lead scoring system, Dynamics 365 for Marketing helps you stay ahead of your hottest leads as they interact with your content.

Marketing Insights 

A key component to all marketing initiatives are the insights and results from a campaign. Dynamics 365 for Marketing continuously collects interaction data, records marketing activities, and holds financial details. For every content piece that you create, whether that be an email campaign or a landing page, Dynamics 365 for Marketing will create a detailed interaction report which can be viewed from the analytical dashboard. These marketing insights can help businesses to improve decision-making, maximize ROI and provide insight into what’s working and what’s not.

Dynamics 365 for Marketing also contains Social Engagement tools which allows companies to listen for keywords and phrases throughout social media to help them better understand their customer base. By using intelligent alerts, you can stay ahead of the conversation.

Dynamics 365 for Marketing bundles marketing tools into a single solution that makes it easy to collaborate with sales teams. By combining necessary tools needed for a marketer, Dynamics 365 for Marketing allows your team to achieve their marketing goals in a centralized location. If you would like to discuss this application further and how it can be affective for your organization, contact a certified GraVoc employee below.

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