SharePoint Consulting Services.

custom development for SharePoint.

Leverage GraVoc’s end-to-end SharePoint consulting services to implement user-friendly intranets and extranets for your business that drive engagement, boost collaboration, and streamline document management. Our team has designed dynamic web experiences on SharePoint, tailored to meet the business goals of our clients.

From SharePoint custom development and branding to implementation, we can create a turnkey solution that transforms how you store, organize, and share information across your business.

trusted Microsoft solutions partner.

We have invested extensively in the training and certification of our staff, resulting in our status as a Microsoft Solutions Partner. Our experienced team holds over 100 Microsoft certifications, assuring customers that we are both current in our knowledge and training in the core competency requirements of SharePoint environment.

Microsoft Solutions Partner

SharePoint Intranet.

On SharePoint, our team can build a secure, responsive, and scalable intranet that allows for new ways to connect and collaborate across your business. With a SharePoint intranet, you can seamlessly share company announcements, include event calendars and image galleries, and integrate social media plugins. Think of the SharePoint intranet as your company’s own, internal social network. Here, employees can browse and engage with posts in their newsfeed. The intranet is fully customizable, allowing our team to curate the content for your business and ensure the site design reflects your branding.

SharePoint Extranet.

SharePoint extranets are a great resource for your business to share content and collaborate with authorized users outside your organization, including customers, vendors, and partners. Our secure and well-designed B2B and B2C SharePoint extranets allow for seamless knowledge transfer and communication with stakeholders and customers on different tasks and projects.

SharePoint for HR.

Our team can build a comprehensive SharePoint solution for HR, allowing you to easily share company-wide or tailored documents, updates, and trainings with employees through a streamlined and accessible platform. Using Power Platform, our team can also create custom workflows and forms in SharePoint to assist with HR functions like employee onboarding and exit processes.

SharePoint for Document Management.

Our team is experienced in developing intuitive and scalable SharePoint document management solutions for businesses across industries. We can fully tailor SharePoint to create document libraries with dedicated content categories, smart search functionality, and user permissions to manage access to the data, and more. This online document repository makes it much easier for you to store, organize, and distribute relevant information, such as statements of work, price lists, marketing templates, and more, across the company. And, maintaining these documents on SharePoint ensures employees can quickly find what they need.

SharePoint for Workflow Management.

We can design extensive and customized SharePoint workflow management solutions to help you automate time-consuming processes. Combined with Power Platform, our team can create forms, reports, and other applications in SharePoint to deliver streamlined and logical workflows for your business.

our SharePoint consulting services:


SharePoint Consulting

From design to implementation, our SharePoint consultants can work with you to create a responsive and intuitive intranet or extranet solution that is tailored to meet your business’ requirements. Our consultants can also audit your existing SharePoint site to optimize its usability and functionality.

SharePoint Custom Development

We provide custom SharePoint development services to build site templates, document libraries, automated workflows, and other feature-rich solutions. Our SharePoint solutions are tailored to your business needs and developed to deliver a seamless user experience for your employees and partners.

SharePoint Integration

Our team can seamlessly integrate your SharePoint with other business applications such as Dynamics, Dynamics 365, and Power BI. We can also connect your SharePoint to other Microsoft 365 tools. These integrations enable enhanced collaboration, data visibility, and communication across systems.


SharePoint Migration & Upgrades

Our team can securely and smoothly migrate all your data and other assets to your SharePoint portal as you make the transition from another on-premises or cloud solution to SharePoint. We can also assist with consistently upgrading your SharePoint platform so you can keep pace with newly released features and security updates.

SharePoint Branding

Our highly skilled team can design your SharePoint intranet or extranet’s UI/UX to align with your branding, staying consistent with visual elements like logos, colors, fonts, and more. Your SharePoint portal is an extension of your brand, so our team ensures your site’s look and feel matches your brand identity.

Managed Services for SharePoint

Our team can provide reliable managed support and maintenance of your SharePoint solution, including consistent health and security checks. We can troubleshoot any technical issues and ensure your SharePoint solution continues to deliver high performance.

why choose GraVoc for SharePoint consulting services?

GraVoc ISO 27001 services

experienced Microsoft Solutions Partner

Recently, GraVoc also became a certified Microsoft Solutions Partner for Modern Work, which is a testament to our proven ability to implement Microsoft 365 products. Our team has developed SharePoint sites for clients across industries, such as technology and professional services, to streamline document management and communication. Having worked on multiple projects, our team is extremely well-versed with SharePoint design and customizations.


customer-focused SharePoint development

Our SharePoint consultants are unbiased in their recommendations for your SharePoint solutions and follow a user-driven approach when designing your site’s UI/UX. Our goal is to ensure the SharePoint site is responsive and saves time for your employees, making it easier for them to access and share data.


comprehensive services & project management

Besides providing extensive SharePoint consulting services, we also ensure dedicated project management to ensure your implementation remains on track. We also provide a detailed scope and maintain transparent communication about project updates.

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