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Nonprofit Website Design & Development Services

GraVoc is no stranger when it comes to creating websites specifically for nonprofit and charitable organizations. Whether we are working with a local nonprofit or an international organization, each website is completely customized allowing you to bring your message to life. We can help you integrate your online donations, marketing campaigns, social media accounts and more into a single location with impressive, modern features both externally and internally.

Get your message seen 

GraVoc can help centralize your organizations mission through modern and innovative website design and development. We customize Content Management Systems to fit your specific organization both on the front-end and on the back-end. By mixing custom functionality with your branded image, we help create an easy-to-use, central hub for you and your team.

Tell your story

Every nonprofit has a story to tell. At GraVoc we help tell your story through creative website solutions customized specifically for your organization. Raising awareness about the great work that your charity does can be done so through innovative tools that are interactive for your audience. Help your audience understand your mission by exploring your history, experiences,  programs you offer and more.

Team Member

Team Member

Introduce your team

Explain your programs and experiences

Use website tools to share your nonprofits experiences as well as programs.

Easy-to-use CMS

For a majority of our nonprofit clients, we work within WordPress. WordPress is a powerful content management system that is extremely simple to navigate and use. We implement a drag and drop backend where users can choose between a variety of widgets and drop them within the page. Once your website is up and running, we conduct a full training with you and your team. Each team member can have their own account with certain permission granted per each user.

Donations and Fundraising

Making a difference can sometimes be a struggle when the necessary funds are not present. We understand how critical fundraising is for nonprofits which is why we implement innovative fundraising solutions within our development. Collecting donations online allows for endless opportunities to raise money for your organization.

Social Media Integration

GraVoc can help integrate your social media accounts with your website in many ways. One way is by easily sharing your content from your website directly to your social media accounts through the simple push of a button. Another way to connect your social media accounts is by integrating your social posts to a live feed on your website which will automatically pull in your social media posts to your website. These two options are great ways to make sure your viewers see your updates regardless of the platform they are using. GraVoc can also setup sharing buttons which will allow your users to share your content.

#LiftYourSpirits Campaign

The #LiftYourSpirits social campaign is in support of the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation. Due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak, workers in the foodservice and hospitality industries have been forced to cut hours and suspend business. Many of the workers at these restaurants and bars will be faced with not earning income in the upcoming weeks or months. This social campaign aims to provide support to these workers through a fun and shareable online fundraiser. 

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Other Features

Email Marketing Integration

Event Scheduling

Responsive Design



CRM Integration


Newsletter Signup

eCommerce Store

Volunteer Signup


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