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Expert website design & development for your business.

Every business utilizes their website differently. Some use their website as a form of lead generation while others simply use their site as a knowledge base for their customers. Depending on your wants and needs, our Creative Technology team will work with you to create a custom website, tailored specifically for your business. GraVoc has a full team of web developers that work with you in understanding the main objectives of your website while implementing modern functionality to accommodate those needs.

visually appealing marketing tool.

Every business wants to stand out online. With the help at GraVoc, we can ensure that your website will evoke the expertise and professionalism that your organization stands for. Our talented team will be with you step-by-step to design and develop a website that will make your business stand out from your competitors. A custom website will be built based on your mission, vision and values of the company, and can include social media integration, email marketing, branding, responsive design and more.

responsive framework that fits any screen.

We understand how critical it is to have your website fit all screens and devices in today’s society. Thus, our last steps prior to launching your website, GraVoc will ensure that your site is completely responsive with any browser and any device. Customers will not have any issue locating the information they need, whether they are on a laptop, tablet or mobile device.

interactive tools specific for your business.

At GraVoc, we understand that every business is different and has their own specific needs. There is not one single CMS platform that could accommodate the needs of every business. On a daily basis, our developers are crawling the web for the newest and latest trends in web design as well as the latest applications, plugins, codes and more. We have implemented a vast majority of interactive and innovative tools to meet the needs of our customers such as an interactive portfolio to display customer work, a custom learning management system, a virtual brochure or flyer and a whole lot more. If you have an idea, we can help you bring that idea to life!

show off your business.

You’ve worked hard to build your business and reputation, now it’s time to put that hard work on display! GraVoc will work with you to create an engaging profile that puts your best work on display while giving your customers a complete picture of who you are and what you offer. Award recognition, employee spotlights and testimonials are a few elements we like to incorporate on our customers websites to help users get a complete picture of their business.


“Add customer testimonials to your website to show off your great service! Customer testimonials provide great endorsements for future leads.”

Author Name

Author Job Title, Company Name

Employee Spotlight


Highlight your employees by adding their bio, education, certifications and recent accomplishments!


Showcase your certifications in your field to reassure customers of your expertise!


Add your awards and recognitions to your website to showcase your hard work!

automated lead generation.

One of the most important aspects of your website is the ability to collect leads. Creating a visually appealing lead form will help your business attract new leads directly from your website. Design, placement and form content are all elements that we take into consideration when creating lead forms.

stay connected with social media.

Staying connected with your clients and potential leads is important. Your website should act as the central hub for your online presence. GraVoc can connect all of your social media accounts to your website through interactive tools that users can click to follow your page or to share your content.

SEO & tracking.

Designing & developing your website is only part of the battle. Getting the right audience to your site is equally as important. Our team can help drive traffic to your site by creating a strong organic search engine optimization (SEO) foundation based on Google’s search algorithm. This “strong base” approach will set your organization on the right path to build an audience. GraVoc’s SEO services can also help you conquer your social media goals by properly branding your channels, integrating them with your website and extending the reach of your message.

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