digital transformation for national claims management company.

about our client.

Our client is a national market leader in claim & litigation support services. They provide a variety of services across investigation, medial, clinical and record management. Through their expert staff and proprietary technology solutions, they offer their clients a single partner for outsourced claims.
Industry: Insurance
Number of employees: ~ 1200
Founded: Over 25 years ago.

At a Glance


The Challenge

The client needed to migrate data from an acquired company’s version of Microsoft Dynamics GP to their own version. From there, GraVoc was brought in again to assist with revamping the company’s inefficient legacy systems and enhancing cybersecurity.


The Solution

Over the course of this long-standing partnership, GraVoc has provided multiple services in support of the client’s growing and evolving business:
Performed a Dynamics GP integration & data migration
Redeveloped & modernized client’s mission-critical legacy application
Assisted with SOC 2 security certification preparation
Developed a company-wide intranet on Microsoft SharePoint
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Implemented Dynamics 365 Sales
Provided IT infrastructure services

The Outcome

The client was able to modernize and expand their internal technology to enhance business agility and reduce costs. Additionally, the client has improved their cybersecurity posture and credibility.

how it began.

The company first came to GraVoc for a Microsoft Dynamics GP integration. They had recently acquired a new business and needed expert assistance with merging their separate instances of Dynamics GP and the corresponding data migration. This collaboration was the catalyst for a long-standing partnership involving multiple projects across cloud application development, cybersecurity, IT infrastructure, and Microsoft implementation services.

the challenges:

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Rapid growth outpaces legacy systems

As with any business experiencing fast-paced growth, our client soon realized that their in-house legacy systems could no longer keep up. The company was using a legacy claims management application. But this application was closed source, which meant that the team could not customize the software or integrate it with other applications to enhance its functionality.

Further, the technology was not cloud native, forcing the client to maintain expensive virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) so users could securely access the system.

This outdated system – central to the day-to-day operations of the client’s key business practices – was causing confusing workflows. The application also required costly investments in infrastructure and licensing fees to support its use. So, the company needed to quickly modernize this legacy application to scale operations and minimize costs.

Security compliance

The client needed to achieve the SOC 2 security certification to meet increasing compliance requests from partners and prevent any disruption to business.

the solutions:

customization icon

Application modernization

GraVoc redeveloped the client’s legacy claims management application from scratch. This project was key to achieving the client’s overall goal of modernizing internal systems. The new, cloud-native application streamlines the company’s claims management workflow, allowing for easier customizations, data collection, and process automation. All information from the application is reviewed and funneled into an accounting module where users can generate invoices and vouchers.

Our team also provided ERP services by integrating the application with the company’s Dynamics GP system, so all finalized accounting information is directly exported to the ERP.

Further, GraVoc trained a team of new engineers at the company to develop and maintain the application after the initial launch. We also trained new employees on best practices for the modern software development lifecycle, including source control, CI/CD pipelines, quality control, and user acceptance testing.


SOC 2 certification

Our team of experienced cybersecurity professionals worked with the client to prepare them for SOC 2 certification audits. As part of the preparation, we reviewed the company’s existing information security policies and procedures to identify gaps in compliance with SOC 2 requirements. Then, we worked with the company to develop and implement policies, processes, and controls that aligned with the SOC 2 framework.

Ultimately, with our assistance, the client successfully achieved the SOC 2 certification. In addition to SOC 2 certification readiness services, our team also provided the client with other cybersecurity services, such as penetration testing, vulnerability assessment, incident response, and adversary simulation.

IT infrastructure, Dynamics 365 Sales, & SharePoint

Since that initial Dynamics GP project, GraVoc has continued to provide the client with a host of IT and software solutions to support business growth. We implemented Dynamics 365 Sales to provide the client with a centralized database to manage their sales pipeline and customer relationships.

Our team also built a custom, company-wide intranet using Microsoft SharePoint, allowing the client to seamlessly distribute internal communications and documentation. As the client acquired other companies, our IT team stepped in to assist with email migrations, distribution of workstations, and support for their hosted environment.

We provide a one-stop, trusted partnership for all [the client’s] system needs. We also have people experienced in many different applications, so we have been able to support any system issue they have thrown our way.

Liz DeGenova, GraVoc’s Director of Project Management Services

the outcome.

cases processed

invoices/vouchers exported to Dynamics GP


Modern technology & reduced costs

Through their collaboration with GraVoc, the client was able to take ownership of their mission-critical claims management application and build a strong, modern technology foundation. The redeveloped application is now cloud native, giving the client flexibility in where it can be deployed. In addition, the client was able to significantly reduce the use of VDIs, which, in turn, helped minimize the associated costs of maintaining these instances.

Since its launch in late 2021, the new application has processed 280,080 cases and has 300-350 daily active users. 88,521 invoices / vouchers have been exported to Dynamics GP since the accounting module went live in late 2022.

Enhanced cybersecurity posture

With assistance from our information security team, the client was able to find and close gaps in their security programs. The SOC 2 certification further helped the client provide partners with credible evidence of their ability to properly handle sensitive data while processing insurance claims.

A solid partnership

The client now consults with GraVoc in the early stages after an acquisition, confident that we will be up to the task of assisting with the system merger. They know GraVoc can both support their existing infrastructure and help them plan for future updates.

“I think that the real mutual success lies in the fact that [the client] knows that the whole GraVoc team would move mountains for them. They know they can rely on us to do right by them every time, so I think there’s a real level of comfort in that. From our side, yes, they give us a lot of work, and that’s amazing, but the partnership we have with them is irreplaceable.”

Dan Johnson, GraVoc's VP of Business Development.

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