The North Shore Children’s Museum, located in Peabody, MA, provides kids with opportunities to learn and explore through educational, hands-on exhibits and programs. The Museum also hosts events such as birthday parties, field trips, and more.

The organization approached GraVoc for SEO services to generate more organic traffic to their website, particularly from local searches. They wanted to be found online for keywords that would lead users to their exhibits, programs, and party room webpages.

Our team began this project with a discovery call to review and understand the North Shore Children’s Museum’s SEO requirements and goals. We followed up with an in-depth SEO audit of the Museum’s website to uncover any technical issues, underperforming webpages, and other areas for optimization. Our team also performed thorough competitor research to get a sense of other SEO strategies in the industry and detailed keyword research. Using insights gained through this research, our team identified high-value keywords for North Shore Children’s Museum and developed a detailed on-page SEO strategy, including a plan to redesign and restructure the website.
We began by restructuring the website’s menu to streamline navigation and make it easier to find relevant content. Our team also added the redesigned ‘Birthday Parties’ and ‘Field Trips’ webpages to the ‘Events’ section.

Then, we refreshed the homepage design, adding more images, content, and calls-to-action to encourage user engagement with the Museum’s exhibits, programs, and party room. A sliding image banner and vibrant patterned backgrounds further enhance the visual experience for site visitors.

To optimize the homepage and improve search visibility, we also sprinkled long-tail keywords in the headers. Using our content template, the Museum’s team was able to create more in-depth, targeted content for the homepage to further improve on-page and local SEO.

The North Shore Children’s Museum wanted to be found online by users looking for a venue to host their kids’ birthday parties or plan school field trips. To achieve this, our team focused on optimizing the Museum’s existing ‘Parties’ and ‘Field Trips’ webpages. Through our research, we knew these webpages needed deeper content, along with more targeted keywords, to draw higher search rankings. So, we provided the Museum’s team with content templates to help them flesh out the information on these webpages and make them more engaging for site visitors.

The optimized ‘Birthday Parties’ and ‘School & Group Field Trips’ webpages are much more organized, visually engaging, and SEO-friendly. The redesigned webpages are vibrant and feature authentic images that showcase kids’ fun experiences at the Museum. We also added FAQ sections – housed in expandable text blocks – to both webpages to make the content easy to browse.

Our team also refreshed the design across other pages on the website to ensure consistency.

We are thrilled with the redesigned and optimized North Shore Children’s Museum website! Through our extensive website design and SEO services, we were able to enhance the Museum’s online presence and support efforts to generate more organic traffic. The redesigned webpages are also more visual and inviting, encouraging families to visit and explore the Museum’s programs and exhibits. We look forward to working with the North Shore Children’s Museum on future creative projects!

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