Today, having a strong hold on your inventory processes is essential for staying competitive in the constantly evolving supply chain landscape, and collaboration technologies are key to driving reliability. With increases in supply chain disruptions and unpredictable customer demand, we understand how critical it is to have the right tools to optimize your inventory and supply chain planning. It’s one of the reasons we recently joined forces with Netstock.

Netstock is a leading supply chain planning software company with a suite of solutions that integrate with ERP platforms, such as Microsoft Dynamics, to deliver enhanced visibility into data and analytics. Through this partnership with Netstock, we can provide our customers with technology for forecasting, inventory optimization, performance analysis, and more. With the Netstock integration to Dynamics ERP, customers can enhance visibility into their supply chain data and confidently make decisions for their business.

To showcase the importance of collaborative planning, we are excited to share this whitepaper titled ‘Invest in Collaborative Planning to Mitigate Variability’ — produced by Lora Cecere, Founder and CEO of Supply Chain Insights, in partnership with Netstock.

This whitepaper focuses on collaborative technologies that improve organizational alignment and drive resiliency in the face of unprecedented variability. The author does a deep dive into several topics, including the role of forecast and inventory in successfully implementing collaborative planning programs.

Leverage this whitepaper to help you:

Unleash more power and reliability with modeling.
Drive better business results with predictive analytics and Pivot Forecasting®
Enhance collaboration within your teams.
Download this whitepaper for valuable insights that can help you revolutionize your supply chain planning and unlock the potential of predictive analytics and pivot forecasting.

Click below to download a FREE copy of the whitepaper, ‘Invest in Collaborative Planning to Mitigate Variability’

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