Sienna Tax Co. is a Massachusetts-based company that provides individuals and businesses with tax preparation, accounting, and consulting services. The company approached GraVoc to design a new website that would become a digital showcase of its services and help generate leads. So, our web design team developed a responsive and browsable website for Sienna Tax Co., with detailed content on the company’s services and a clear path to conversion.


The overall website design is vibrant and minimalistic, with ample white space that makes the content easy to consume. As users scroll through the website, they can discover the company’s taxation, accounting, and consulting services. Content on each service is neatly housed inside expandable text blocks, allowing site visitors to seamlessly engage with relevant information. Below the service blocks, a strategic call-to-action button invites site visitors to get in touch with Sienna Tax Co. to do business.


The website also provides an in-depth introduction to Sienna Tax Co. founder Lodxhiana Katro Wojtczak, or “Loxhi.” Here, site visitors can learn more about Loxhi’s academic background and extensive experience in taxation and accounting, as well as Sienna Tax Co.’s mission and services.

Along with the ‘About’ section, our team also added client testimonials to the website to further lend authenticity and credibility to the Sienna Tax Co. brand. These client testimonials are displayed using eye-catching quote blocks that feature the name, designation, and company name of each reviewer.

Finally, site visitors can easily find ways to connect with Sienna Tax Co. through the website. Users can find the company’s phone and email on the website. They can also get in touch with the company through the website’s custom, user-friendly contact form.

Our team is thrilled with the final look and feel of the new Sienna Tax Co. website! With this website, the company can expand its online presence and promote its services to a wider audience. The design is simple and professional, allowing site visitors to seamlessly browse the company’s services. And, the custom contact form further supports the company’s lead generation efforts. We look forward to working with Sienna Tax Co. on future creative projects!

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