Lighthouse Payment Services is a Massachusetts-based provider of bank-branded wholesale and retail lockbox solutions. The company needed to revamp its website to enhance the design, add more webpages to showcase the full scope of the company’s services and capabilities, and generate leads. Our team worked with Lighthouse Payment Services to enhance its website design, delivering a more visually engaging look and feel along with an intuitive interface for easier user exploration.


The new Lighthouse Payment Services website is built on WordPress, with a fully responsive design for seamless browsing across devices. The website’s deep blue color palette conveys trust and reliability – reassuring customers that Lighthouse Payment Services is a professional brand. Our team also incorporated creative graphics and patterns – inspired by the company’s logo and branding – on the website’s homepage.

The homepage further includes a clean and browsable design, providing site visitors with a quick overview of Lighthouse Payment Services. A bold, eye-catching sliding banner showcases key features of the company’s technology-driven lockbox solutions. As users scroll through the homepage, they can explore Lighthouse Payment Services’ professional experience, key services, and snippets of blog content. The homepage also includes an easy-to-use contact form, which allows site visitors to quickly request more information about the company’s services.

Throughout this website redesign project, our team remained focused on delivering a frictionless user experience that would enable site visitors to explore and learn more about Lighthouse Payment Services’ offerings. Site visitors can easily navigate to relevant services and resources through the website’s logical menu. Direct links to the company’s customer portal and online bill payment portal are also prominently located above the menu for easy access.

Our team further developed individual webpages to showcase each of the company’s services and provide more in-depth content on each offering. Every service page also includes a customer testimonial and direct access to the website’s contact form.

Further, we also developed a ‘Request a Quote’ form that businesses can use to get a quote for obtaining a Lighthouse Payment Services lockbox. The form includes custom fields that these clients can use to share details or preferences about annual number of payments, return envelope, A/R file, industry, and more.

Since banks and credit unions are another target audience group for Lighthouse Payment Services, our team designed a webpage that details the benefits of lockbox services to these institutions. Our team also developed a custom, dedicated contact form that banks and credit unions can use to get in touch with the company.

Our team is thrilled with the final look and feel of the new Lighthouse Payment Services website! It’s easy for businesses, banks, and credit unions to discover and explore relevant content on the website. And, the website’s targeted contact forms support the company’s lead generation efforts. The website’s ‘Resources’ and ‘News/Articles’ sections further provide Lighthouse Payment Services with a space to share brochures, product demos, and blog content to continue engaging customers. We look forward to working with Lighthouse Payment Services on future creative projects!

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