KYS is a Massachusetts-based family business that provides high-quality embroidery supplies. The company was looking for a complete website overhaul. Our web design team collaborated with KYS to develop a responsive eCommerce website for the company. Through a WordPress-WooCommerce integration, the new, user-friendly website gives customers an easy way to explore and order KYS products online.
Throughout this project, our team focused on UI/UX, adding intuitive design elements to enhance the online shopping experience for site visitors. For instance, the navigation menu features a dropdown list of products under ‘Shop’ so customers can easily search and find what they are looking for on the website. As soon as customers land on the homepage, they can also begin to browse and shop KYS products. Featured products and bestsellers take center stage on the homepage, allowing the company to draw customer attention to products it wants to highlight and enhance conversions.
Through the ‘Shop,’ site visitors are further guided to dedicated, well-designed product webpages. Users can click into any item to check out the product and find more information, including images, pricing and any customizations that the product may include. These webpages also feature a ‘Related Products’ section that allows KYS to cross-sell items, encouraging customers to continue shopping.

Customers can then add products to their cart to begin a frictionless checkout. During checkout, customers can review their cart and enter basic information about their location to get a shipping estimate. Customers can share their billing and shipping details as well as make a payment to place an order. Returning customers can sign into their account for a faster checkout.

To further deliver a seamless eCommerce experience, our team created an ‘Orders’ webpage with information on the company’s prices, charges, and return policy. We also designed a ‘Guides’ section on the website with helpful resources and information for customers such as care instructions for embroidered garments and proper needle usage. Besides eCommerce-driven pages, our team further developed an ‘About’ webpage to provide site visitors with a deeper look at the KYS brand story. The content on this page allows KYS to connect with customers by sharing its origin story and commitment to delivering high-quality products and services. The webpage also includes an easy-to-use contact form that customers can use to get in touch with KYS.

Our team is thrilled with the final look and feel of the new KYS eCommerce website! The website is a professional and user-friendly digital store for the company and helps showcase its embroidery supplies online. Sections such as featured products and related products as well as the website’s seamless checkout process further enhance conversion opportunities. Overall, the website delivers a frictionless shopping experience for customers, from start to finish. We look forward to working with KYS on future creative projects!

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