Jeff’s Place, based in Framingham, MA, is a nonprofit that provides services and resources to grieving children, teens, families, and individuals with the goal of offering hope and healing. GraVoc’s web team redesigned the organization’s website to give Jeff’s Place a more modern and user-friendly platform to showcase what they do, engage target audiences, and attract donors.

Using WordPress, our team developed a custom design with warm and welcoming colors that align with the organization’s branding. The website is fully responsive, delivering a frictionless user experience across devices. An intuitive navigation menu allows site visitors to easily discover the organization’s services, resources, news, and ways to get involved.


The website’s homepage, including its sliding image banner, provides an emotionally engaging overview of Jeff’s Place through deep content and real-life photography. As site visitors scroll through the homepage, they can learn more about the organization’s services, read member testimonials, and explore a vibrant photo gallery. The homepage also explains the symbolism in Jeff’s Place logo and how it ties into the organization’s mission and work.

Our team designed informational webpages to showcase the organization’s services. The content-heavy service pages have an organized and visually appealing layout that makes it easy for site visitors to browse and consume relevant information. The ‘Grief Support’ service webpage also houses custom online application forms for people looking to join the organization’s support groups.

Similarly, our team also developed a ‘Resources’ hub that houses information on different camps, books, podcasts, and more to help site visitors navigate their grief.

Besides highlighting the organization’s services and resources, our team also wanted the website to be a platform for Jeff’s Place to showcase its story and impact. Through the vibrant ‘About’ section, site visitors can take a deep dive into the organization’s mission and history, and browse FAQs for more details about Jeff’s Place and their services. Heartwarming member testimonials are displayed in visually engaging quote blocks to establish the organization’s credibility and trustworthiness.

The ‘About’ section also showcases the organization’s team and board. The ‘Our Team’ webpage allows site visitors to learn more about each member through stunning headshots and detailed bios.

Our team also designed a ‘News & Events’ section, allowing site visitors to catch up on updates from the organization and upcoming events. Using the custom WordPress CMS modules that we set up, the Jeff’s Place team can manage and refresh content on the website, including the ‘News & Events’ section, to keep the information current. To assist the organization with growing its subscriber base and audience engagement, we also added a custom newsletter sign up form to the website.
A key goal of the website was to encourage site visitors to get involved with Jeff’s Place as volunteers and donors. So, our team designed a user-friendly ‘Get Involved’ section that houses an easy-to-use volunteer application form with extensive, custom fields.
Site visitors can also click on the eye-catching ‘Donate’ button to navigate to the organization’s donation form that our team embedded on the website for easy access.

Our team is thrilled with the redesigned Jeff’s Place website! The website’s logical navigation and enhanced content areas ensure site visitors can seamlessly engage with the organization’s services and resources. Authentic photography and storytelling help foster a deeper connection between site visitors and the organization. And, easy access to volunteer and donation forms allows for smooth conversions. We look forward to working with Jeff’s Place on future creative projects!

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