AntiGravity – the originator of the aerial fitness genre and the leading training and certification organization – is a unique and innovative brand, however their website was anything but exciting. Looking to elevate the website’s design and user experience, AntiGravity approached GraVoc’s web design team to help reimagine their brand’s website and eCommerce experience.

A key goal of the redesign was to create a visual experience that conveyed the energy and engaging customer experience of the company’s classes. So, our team enhanced the look and feel of the website with authentic photography and vibrant colors. An intuitive interface ensures that site visitors can seamlessly navigate the website to browse AntiGravity classes, studios, and instructor certifications. And, with a streamlined eCommerce functionality, the company can easily showcase and sell their hammock kits, clothing, and other gear on the website.


The new AntiGravity website is built on the powerful WordPress CMS with a WooCommerce integration. Throughout the website, our team used colors and shapes inspired by the company’s signature Antigravity Hammock. The website opens with a compelling homepage banner, featuring a vibrant video montage of AntiGravity classes. The homepage further provides an overview of the company along with strategic call-to-action buttons designed to foster engagement and conversions.

Site visitors can also browse the visually engaging ‘About’ section to learn more about the company’s brand story, founder, and 5 star-points approach. The section describing their 5 star-points contains a striking graphic which was crafted by our in-house graphic designers to help visually showcase their dynamic approach.

The website is thoughtfully designed to deliver a frictionless experience for site visitors looking to attend an AntiGravity class. On the ‘Explore Classes’ webpage, site visitors can learn more about the company’s aerial yoga, aerial fitness, aerial dance, and aerial kids classes. The webpage designs feature an engaging mix of content, images, success stories, and videos.

Along with exploring classes, site visitors can also use the custom, searchable ‘Find a Studio’ tool to filter through a database of over 800 affiliated studios/locations by name or location to find AntiGravity classes near them. Our team also designed a custom template for each of the affiliated locations for users to learn more about their desired studio.

Prospective candidates can learn more about becoming a Certified AntiGravity Instructor through the ‘Instructors’ section. They can similarly browse and sign up for trainings on the ‘Explore Instructor Trainings’ webpage, which offers an overview of all in-person and virtual fitness certification trainings.

The ‘Find a Training’ webpage allows site visitors to search for relevant trainings by location or type. Users can click on a training for more information, such as what to bring, date and time, location, and more. They can also register for or gift a training. By clicking ‘Register Now,’ site visitors can follow a simple checkout process to purchase the training and corresponding gear.

The new website is also an eCommerce store for the AntiGravity Hammock Kit as well as the company’s other merchandise. Users can visit the informational and visually appealing ‘AG Hammock’ section of the website for a complete look at the hammock and its benefits.

Site visitors can proceed to the ‘Shop’ page to purchase their own AntiGravity gear, clothing, or accessories. In the shop, users can browse images of the hammock kit in a color of their choice. Once their color is selected, the featured image adjusts to show the user what their desired color looks like. They can also zoom into the image for a closer look at the material.

Customers can similarly click on any clothing to view in-depth product information before selecting a size and adding their items to the cart. Once all items are added to the cart, the customer can make a purchase through the streamlined checkout process. Our team also set up user accounts so that returning customers can experience a faster checkout.

Our team is thrilled with the final design of the new AntiGravity website! The website design is engaging, fun, and a much stronger representation of the vibrant AntiGravity brand. Using the custom ‘Find a Studio’ and ‘Find a Training’ tools, site visitors can easily search, discover, and explore relevant classes and trainings on the website. User-friendly eCommerce functionality further ensures a fast checkout and seamless purchase experience for customers. Today, we continue to assist AntiGravity with website development services!

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