After many successful collaborations, eMaxx Group approached our team about designing a new website to promote their annual Risk Management Summit. This year’s summit will be held in October in Scottsdale, Arizona. Centered around the theme, ‘Igniting Tomorrow,’ the summit will provide attendees with risk management, technology, claims, litigation management, and captive insurance solutions. With a keen focus on UI/UX, our team developed a visually stunning website with informational content areas and streamlined eCommerce functionality to engage both event attendees and sponsors.


The website’s color palette and visual design elements were inspired by the bold Arizona landscape. Our team combined earthy colors with vibrant images and textured backgrounds to make the website design fun and welcoming. Using WordPress, our team also ensured the website design was fully responsive and delivered a frictionless user experience across devices and browsers.

We’ve collaborated with eMaxx Group on extensive digital marketing, including video production, logo design, and email campaigns, for the event. Our team created an engaging event video that takes center stage on the website’s homepage and provides an overview of the upcoming 2022 Risk Management Summit. The page also features eye-catching calls-to-action, encouraging site visitors to register for the summit or learn more about the event.

The website offers a user-friendly browsing experience and clear paths to relevant content for attendees and sponsors. Webpages that detail the summit’s agenda and sessions ensure the website serves as a digital event program for both registered and prospective attendees. A clean, minimalistic layout combined with strategic design elements, such as ample white space and expandable content blocks, allow registered and prospective attendees to easily navigate through the pages and engage with the information.

Both webpages also prominently feature direct links to the summit’s registration page and the venue’s booking portal for easy access. We also included an easy-to-use contact form on these pages so site visitors could directly reach out to the eMaxx Group with questions.

Our team also designed an ‘About Us’ content area, allowing eMaxx Group to communicate the purpose, theme, and history of the summit to both attendees and sponsors. This section also includes a ‘Resort’ webpage with an overview of the summit venue – The Phoenician – along with gorgeous, high-resolution photos of the hotel and its surroundings.


The webpage geared toward sponsors allows site visitors to explore and purchase multiple sponsorship packages directly through the website. Site visitors can click on any of the sponsorship options to check the product description, price, and stock availability. Users can then easily add a sponsorship package to their cart, review their order summary, enter a coupon code, and include their billing and payment information to place an order. Site visitors can also download a PDF of the event’s sponsorship prospectus.

Our team leveraged a tight WordPress-WooCommerce integration to add eCommerce functionality to the website. Streamlined cart and checkout features ensure the digital transaction experience for sponsors is intuitive and quick.

We are so thrilled with the earthy aesthetic and user-friendly design of the eMaxx Group’s 2022 Risk Management Summit website! Attendees and sponsors can easily navigate to relevant content on the website. Well-designed and visually appealing webpages deliver informational content for attendees as well as a seamless online purchase experience for sponsors. Overall, the website delivers a streamlined and engaging user experience for each of the summit’s target audience groups. Our team continues to provide eMaxx Group with digital marketing support in the run-up to the event. We will also provide photography services at the 2022 summit.

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