Email remains cyber criminals’ favored delivery mechanism for phishing, malware, and other security attacks against businesses. As companies increasingly rely on email communication to conduct business – especially with a growing shift to remote or hybrid work environments amid the pandemic – a proactive, multi-layered approach to email security is key to defend against new and evolving cybersecurity threats.

In this blog post, we discuss the importance of email security for businesses and explore 2 technology solutions that businesses can implement to protect their inboxes.

What is email security and why is it important?

Email security involves the use of technologies and end-user security awareness training to protect email accounts and communication from malicious cyberattacks.

Email is the most vulnerable attack vector that cyber criminals exploit to access a business’ sensitive data. In fact, email compromise is on the rise by 18%. Attackers use phishing, spoofing, malware, and other sophisticated tactics that often leverage weak email security and human error to gain access to a business’ network. Phishing, in particular, is the main catalyst for ransomware attacks. A successful email breach can hurt businesses through loss of data or financial damage.

While traditional email security tools can offer some protection against cyber threats, they cannot adequately defend against more sophisticated attacks. To stay ahead of evolving cyber threats, businesses must implement more modern and intuitive email security technology solutions.

Use advanced technology solutions to secure your email

VIPRE and Sendmarc offer email protection technology solutions that provide businesses with maximum protection against cyberattacks through a strong, multi-step defense.


VIPRE Email Security Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) provides intelligent, real-time, and layered protection for email, blocking discovered threats before users can accidentally click on them. The solution offers email users and business networks protection against the newest, most sophisticated malware, malicious attachments, and phishing techniques that escape traditional detection. VIPRE ATP is also designed to simplify deployment in a hybrid work setup.

Two key features of the VIPRE ATP include:


Attachment Sandboxing: This technology is designed to eliminate both known and unknown threats sent through email attachments. Attachment sandboxing goes beyond traditional anti-malware by executing extracted attachments in a secure cloud sandbox off your business’ network. Using advanced machine learning, the solution examines the behavior of the attachment against VIPRE’s wide database of malware samples to ascertain whether the content is potentially malicious.


Email Link Isolation: This feature secures emails by blocking malicious URLs and their destination webpages using dynamic sandboxing technology. To minimize human error and improve security awareness, end users are also shown an educational video on phishing when a user-error occurs.

Other features of the VIPRE ATP include:


Educational block page: Block pages are more informative providing reasons for the block, a safe preview of the page and links to VIPRE Security Awareness content.


Insightful dashboard: An analytical toolset gives you a bird’s eye view of emerging threats and helps the most targeted users in your organization.


Advanced analysis: Analyzes URLs for protection against zero-day threats and phishing attempts.


Sandbox execution: Checks links in the safety of a sandboxed browser. Behavior is scrutinized for suspicious and malicious activity.


Sendmarc protects businesses from email phishing and spoofing attacks originating from their domains. This email protection solution – designed based on DMARC, a globally recognized email standard – streamlines and automates the domain protection process for businesses. Sendmarc’s solution also includes active protection tools to manage analysis of email traffic feedback and threat detection.

Key benefits of Sendmarc’s solution include:


Greater visibility: Identify legitimate and illegitimate servers that are sending emails from your domain.


Increased security: Prevent misuse of your domain for spoofing or email impersonation attacks.


Improved email delivery: Steps taken to protect and authenticate your domain will improve the delivery of your marketing emails to ensure they do not land in the recipient’s spam folder.

Looking to Implement Email Security Solutions for Your Business?

GraVoc offers and implements a full range of email security solutions, including the VIPRE ATP and Sendmarc technology, to protect your businesses’ email accounts and communication. Visit our contact us page to get the conversation started!

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