Our team designed a professional and user-friendly website for The Resource Connection, a woman-owned and award-winning staffing company. The Resource Connection has established a solid brand reputation by matching individuals with roles using a personalized approach. So, our team ensured that the company’s new website similarly delivered an intuitive digital experience and tailored resource hubs for each of its target audience groups – job seekers and employers.

Using WordPress, our team designed a fully responsive website to deliver a frictionless user experience across devices and browsers. Our custom WordPress design templates also featured The Resource Connection’s brand colors and fonts to ensure consistency with their marketing.

Our team streamlined the site architecture and developed clear navigation paths for employers, job seekers, and employees. Similarly, on the homepage, we included targeted call-to-action buttons, such as ‘Find Jobs’ and ‘Request Staff’ as well as quick links to popular webpages, allowing site visitors to easily navigate to relevant information. The ‘Find Jobs’ button on the homepage leads users to The Resource Connection’s dedicated Bullhorn career portal. In addition to the website, we also support The Resource Connection’s job search application that talks to their Bullhorn ATS.

Since The Resource Connection’s target audience includes both job seekers and employers – two groups that come to the website with differing needs and goals – our team designed dedicated informational resource hubs for each group to ensure straightforward access to relevant content.

The ‘Employers’ webpage included detailed information on the company’s services, including payroll, temporary staffing, and direct hire, as well as their services and replacement guarantees. Our team also designed a user-friendly ‘Request Staff’ form that employers could directly access through this webpage. The form included custom fields, such as type of job, required skills, job title, and job duties to facilitate a seamless exchange of key information between The Resource Connection and employers seeking staffing services.

The Resource Connection’s website is also a digital recruitment channel for the company. So, it was essential that the website deliver the content and functionality necessary to attract and engage job seekers searching for employment opportunities online. To achieve this, our team ensured that the website’s ‘Job Seekers’ webpage featured links to the company’s career portal front and center so candidates could quickly find available openings or submit their resume. We also included a ‘Current Jobs’ tab in the navigation menu for easy access. The ‘Job Seekers’ page provided details on the types of jobs and positions offered by the company.

To help employees easily find informative resources, we designed an ‘Employee Resource’ hub which includes information and links such as timesheets, benefits, featured employee of the month, contact information, and more. This webpage also included helpful document resources that employees could easily download such as direct deposit form, HIPAA privacy notice, sick time verification form, W-4 form, and more

To help job seekers and employers learn more about The Resource Connection, our team designed an in-depth ‘About Us’ section which included webpages such as testimonials, awards, social responsibility and more. The overview ‘About Us’ webpage highlighted The Resource Connection’s brand story, mission, values, awards, and commitment to giving back to their communities. This webpage also provided an overview of The Resource Connection’s expertise, team, certifications, and affiliations.

The ‘Social Responsibility’ webpage under ‘About Us’ further described The Resource Connection’s dedication to giving back to the community and showcased the many non-profit organizations and foundations that it supports.

Our team also designed a ‘News’ section on the website to help the company build and expand their content marketing efforts. This section provided the company with a dedicated space on the website to share insights on employment news and trends, offer useful tips and guidance for job seekers, post company updates, and spotlight employee success stories to build a real connection with its audience and showcase its expertise.

To make it easy for users to get in touch with The Resource Connection, we designed a ‘Contact Us’ webpage with the company’s email, phone and fax information, directions to its Middleton and Boston offices, as well as a custom form for users to share messages and comments.

Our team is thrilled with the professional look and feel of The Resource Connection’s new website. The site delivers a streamlined and tailored user experience for the company’s diverse audience groups, making relevant resources quickly and easily discoverable on the website. Today, we continue to support The Resource Connection by providing website services as well as supporting their job search application that talks to Bullhorn.

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