Party Accommodator, an event planning company, wanted to refresh their website to enhance the design and user experience. Building on the company’s vision, our team developed a modern website design with vibrant images, streamlined navigation, and SEO-friendly content structure to expand Party Accommodator’s online reach, promote their services, and engage potential clients.

Using WordPress, our team created a fully responsive and mobile-friendly website to deliver a frictionless user experience across devices and browsers. The website’s clean layout allows for easier browsing, giving the content and visuals room to stand out. Our team also used an elegant black and beige color palette throughout the website, along with bold red accents to emphasize strategic call-to-action sections and enhance the overall look of the design.

The website’s homepage gives potential customers a snapshot of Party Accommodator’s services and process. The homepage places the company’s services front and center, encouraging users to browse and engage with Party Accommodator’s catering, entertainment, and other offerings as soon as they land on the website.

Our team also included eye-catching photos from previous events and strong client testimonials on the homepage to establish the company’s credibility and build customer trust.

Promoting Party Accommodator’s services was a key goal of this website project, so our team designed individual service webpages with in-depth content and images on each of the company’s offerings. Some of the services offered by Party Accommodator include catering, bar services, entertainment, venue rentals, corporate events and more. Building these dedicated webpages also allowed Party Accommodator to implement targeted on-page SEO to help boost search visibility and ranking for each service. Our team worked with the company to set focused keywords and develop an overall SEO strategy to drive organic traffic to the new website.

To help generate conversions, every service webpage also included a user-friendly contact form that allowed site visitors to easily reach out to the company to discuss a service without having to navigate away from the page. We also created a dedicated Contact Us webpage where users could easily get in touch with Party Accommodator as well. We set up email notifications to help the Party Accommodator team keep track of new form submissions.

Along with the service webpages, our team also designed an ‘About Us’ page, providing the company with a space to share their brand story, mission, and client relationships to further form a connection with potential customers. We also included a ‘Team of Experts’ webpage to emphasize the Party Accommodator team’s skill set and expertise.

We are thrilled with the final look and feel of Party Accommodator’s new website! The website delivers a strong mix of visual appeal, streamlined user experience, and SEO-friendly content to draw customer attention to the company’s services. Today, our team continues to support Party Accommodator through cloud-based web hosting and SSL certificate renewal services. We look forward to working with the company on future creative projects!

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