Our team built a fully integrated eCommerce website with robust product catalogs and membership-based user accounts for North Shore Barber Supply. The website serves as the North Shore Barber Supply’s digital storefront – designed to engage the company’s target audience, facilitate online purchases, and boost their eCommerce business. North Shore Barber Supply is owned by Paul McGinnity, who also runs Barber Shoppe off the Square in Peabody, MA. The company provides local barbershops and beauty professionals with essential supplies and products.


Our team leveraged a tight WordPress and WooCommerce solution integration to develop a custom, user-friendly eCommerce store for North Shore Barber Supply. To keep pace with the growing trend of mobile shopping and provide a frictionless user experience across devices, our team created a responsive website design using the WordPress content management system (CMS). We also configured the store’s payment gateway and set up product shipping rules to simplify essential front-end and back-end eCommerce functionality.   

The website’s homepage was designed to be dynamic and engaging, providing customers with key company information and product access points. The page allowed users to explore featured products, learn more about the company and the benefits it offers customers, as well as view all products. 

The North Shore Barber Supply’s eCommerce website was designed around the company’s goal to build and sell to a member base of licensed professionals in the barber and cosmetology fields. So, our team developed a custom, easy-to-use online registration form to facilitate member sign-ups. The form allowed users to create a member account, select their profession category and position, indicate their license number and expiration date, and upload a photo of their professional license. Users could also sign up for the company’s newsletter through the form.

Our team focused on implementing a customer-centric, seamless shopping experience across the website. To achieve this, we implemented powerful eCommerce features – from searchable product catalogs to intuitive cart and checkout options. We also added a ‘Shop’ button to the website’s navigation menu for quick access to the eCommerce store.

The company’s product catalogs were further organized by categories such as razor blades, salon and barber apparel, hair product, and more, so customers could easily locate and access items of interest. Individual product pages gave customers a closer look at each item through images and descriptions. These pages also included a ‘Related Products’ section to cross-sell items and further promote the company’s products.

Based on the website’s membership-driven strategy, the product pages were configured to provide members with exclusive access to certain items and pricing. The pages included clear calls-to-action that encouraged users to either log into their accounts or register for new accounts.

We also created ‘About Us’ and ‘Why Us’ webpages to provide North Shore Barber Shop with a space to communicate their brand story and vision. Both pages included a call-to-action that invited customers to check out certain products and discounts. To help site visitors reach out to the company directly with any questions or comments, we included a contact form for seamless communication.  To further drive conversions, our team designed a ‘Why Sign Up?’ webpage to highlight the benefits of creating a member account with North Shore Barber Supply.

For any eCommerce website, organic search visibility is key to reach new audiences and increase purchases. To boost the site’s search engine rankings and drive organic traffic to the website, our team set up on-page SEO across all webpages based on the company’s target keywords.

Our team is thrilled with the overall modern look and eCommerce functionality of the North Shore Barber Supply’s new website. The site allows customers to easily navigate through product catalogs, member accounts, and purchase options. Through the WordPress CMS, the North Shore Barber Supply can also seamlessly update and scale the website on their own schedule. We continue to provide North Shore Barber Supply with website support through cloud-based hosting through our WordPress maintenance plans. Our team looks forward to working with Paul and North Shore Barber Supply on future creative projects!

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