Our team collaborated with Northeast Arc to redesign and enhance their website. Northeast Arc, headquartered in Danvers, MA, is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to accelerating innovation and inclusion for people with disabilities.  Our team focused on creating a visually engaging website with a seamless user experience to engage visitors and donors as well as build support for the nonprofit’s mission and services.

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Our team used WordPress to create a custom, mobile-friendly website design that incorporated the nonprofit’s brand colors, fonts, and other marketing elements. We also developed a multisite environment within WordPress, giving Northeast Arc the flexibility and convenience to manage multiple websites, including their Breaking Ground Café site, through a single dashboard.

To ensure visitors understand and connect with the organization’s mission and work as soon as they land on the website, our team designed a clean, modern homepage with concise information on Northeast Arc, their services, and impact by the numbers. The homepage also included a sliding banner with vibrant photos and prominent call-to-action buttons encouraging visitors to learn more.

Our team showcased the organization’s services by creating dedicated webpages with a relevant mix of informational content, eye-catching images and videos, contact details, resources, and easy-to-use, embedded referral forms. These webpages were important to help Northeast Arc gather support from potential donors and volunteers as well as engage visitors looking to access a specific service or program.

Along with the service webpages, we also included an ‘About Us’ section on the website to give Northeast Arc a dedicated digital space to expand on its story and mission. Here, our team added an organized video library and individual webpages highlighting the organization’s mission and values as well as its programs, such an Innovative Businesses and Pathways to Opportunities. This section also featured eye-catching webpages that introduced the organization’s leadership, as well as a ‘News’ page that allowed Northeast Arc to share updates with their audience and showcase media coverage.

To make it easy for visitors to find and attend Northeast Arc’s events, we incorporated an interactive calendar on the website. This calendar allowed users to search for events by keyword, location, or month. Users could also click on any event to get more information or add a reminder to their Google calendar or iCalendar.

After designing pages that effectively communicated Northeast Arc’s services and impact, our team focused on designing a streamlined ‘Get Involved’ section to ensure potential volunteers and donors could take necessary actions to support the organization. Users can select how they would like to get involved including donating, volunteering, and joining their mailing list.

On the donation webpage, our team created an easy-to-follow, expandable table that listed out the different ways in which potential donors could give to the organization. We also added a prominent ‘Donate’ button to the main navigation menu. When visitors clicked on the button, they were directed to a vibrant and user-friendly donation form that our team embedded on the website to ensure visitors could donate without navigating away from the site.

Similarly, our team also designed a ‘Volunteer’ webpage with an easy-to-use form allowing potential participants to indicate their availability, areas of expertise and interest. To further drive engagement and help the organization expand its audience through the website, we also included an email list signup form. Here, visitors could provide their contact information and topics of interest to receive relevant updates from Northeast Arc. Our team also set up email notifications to help the Northeast Arc staff keep track of new form submissions.

To draw attention to the each of the organization’s events, including their Black Box events, we designed individual and dedicated webpages. On the Black Box events page, we organized the content, videos, and upcoming events in a visually appealing design. Each upcoming event section further included links to buy tickets, view the event on Facebook, and share the event on social media or email.

In keeping with the Northeast Arc’s commitment to supporting individuals with disabilities, our team ensured the website design and features were ADA compliant. We also set up on-page SEO to increase the site’s visibility in search engines for the organization’s target keywords.

Today, our team continues to support Northeast Arc through cloud-based web hosting and our WordPress Maintenance Plan. We are so proud to have designed a modern website to help Northeast Arc further their mission. Our team looks forward to working with the organization on future creative projects!

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