GraVoc’s team collaborated with Charter Health to help them redesign their website. Located in Salem, MA, Charter Health is an internal medicine practice with an entrepreneurial team that combines medical knowledge, technology, and personalized service to help people better their health. Our team helped Charter Health bring their vision to fruition by creating an ADA-compliant website that highlights the organization’s services as well as provides patients with a quick and accessible way to request appointments.

Charter Health PC logo

Using WordPress, our team developed a custom, responsive website that matched the organization’s branding and gave the site a modern look and feel. On the homepage, we designed an interactive banner that provides patients with easy access to important webpages such as appointment requests and finding a doctor. As users scroll down the homepage, they’re greeted with streamlined content that provides them with an overview of Charter Health’s services, their mission, recent news, and client testimonials.

To ensure the website communicated Charter Health’s broad expertise to users, our team built individual webpages with detailed information about each of the company’s services including Primary Care, Weight Loss, Addiction Medicine and more. Users can quickly access these service pages through the navigation menu or by clicking on the main service landing page. Every service page includes an integrated contact form and a ‘Request an Appointment’ call-to-action in the top banner to help make it easy for patients to schedule an appointment and get in touch with the Charter Health team.

Throughout the redesign process, our team worked with Charter Health to anticipate patients’ needs and accordingly implement user-friendly site features. The online appointment request form was one such functionality. This form was designed to help Charter Health staff and patients seamlessly coordinate and schedule appointments. Using the form, patients could enter their contact information and preferred timeframe to request an appointment. Staff were immediately notified of these requests and could contact patients to set up appointments.

Our team also designed an eye-catching webpage featuring patient testimonials to help Charter Health demonstrate its credibility to potential clients. The page also included a straightforward feedback form that patients could use to rate their experience and write recommendations.

ADA compliance was a critical focus of this website redevelopment to ensure accessibility for all users. Our team incorporated essential ADA-compliant features on the site, including maximizing compatibility with assistive technologies, applying text alternatives to non-text content to allow conversion to braille, speech, or other forms, and making all website functionality available from a keyboard. By implementing these functionalities, the Charter Health team can ensure all users, including those with disabilities, will be able to access their website.

We also ensured that the website was SEO-friendly by adding targeted keywords, SEO titles, meta descriptions, and other necessary elements to the website to improve their organic search rankings and visibility. To ensure website security, our team installed an SSL certificate. We continue to support Charter Health today through our WordPress Maintenance Plan which ensures their website framework is secure and regularly up-to-date.  We look forward to teaming up with Charter Health to execute more creative projects in the future!


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