KMX Technologies recently teamed up with GraVoc to reimagine and redesign their website, KMX Technologies delivers zero-waste solutions using proprietary technology spanning water, lithium, and critical minerals. The purpose of the website redesign was to create a user-friendly and modern website to help build awareness for their company’s proprietary technology.

Our team redeveloped the KMX website using the WordPress framework, which allowed us to create a custom design as well as optimize the website for browsers and mobile devices. Throughout the website, including on the homepage, we used dynamic and eye-catching visuals to explain the need for and scope of KMX’s technology.

We built custom templates to highlight company news, their mission, as well as team bios to give users a clear picture of the KMX brand and skillset. The ‘Media’ section on the website contains a collection of the most recent news and company insights and allows for the KMX team to add content and make updates on their own.  To further showcase the company’s expertise, our team created a dedicated webpage with detailed and easy-to-follow graphics that illustrated the technology behind KMX’s water treatment and critical minerals recovery processes.

Some additional functionality on the website included the implementation of Google Analytics for website tracking which collects and stores user engagement such as most viewed pages, top acquisition channels, demographics and more. Our team also set up contact forms with admin notifications to help KMX track user submissions. The forms are prominently displayed across the website so users can easily find them and contact the company.

Along with website development, our Video Production team also produced a 90-second video for the homepage. The engaging video provides an overview of the company’s technology and its potential to help solve environmental challenges ahead.  We continue to support KMX Technologies and their website today and are excited to collaborate with them on future creative projects!

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