In 2020, we teamed up with The Vaccine Equity Cooperative (VEC) to help them develop one of the first online resource websites designed to support COVID-19 vaccine access and education specifically within the BIPOC communities.  The main goal of the VEC is to provide a central hub of resources to make it easier for people working in communities to access useful, relevant, and up-to-date information and tools for learning and communicating about the COVID-19 vaccine.

We were thrilled to take this project on and helped the VEC team bring their vision to fruition by creating a robust and user-friendly website for vaccine readiness resources. Our team worked alongside WeAreRally, an issue-driven communication firm, to design the look and feel of the site including the bright color palate and imagery.

A critical component of developing the VEC website was the ability for users to easily view and download COVID-19 vaccine resources.  We streamlined these resources throughout the website including the Homepage, Event page and the Resource page. The Resource webpage allows users to filter content by Community Type, Resource Type and Topics Covered to help narrow down their search results. As the VEC team creates additional content, they can easily add those new resources directly to the website themselves. Content gets fed to their dedicated sections based on the category selected by the VEC team on the backend.

Users can get in touch with VEC members directly from the website using the multiple contact forms that are implemented site wide. Visitors are even encouraged to share their own resources and events to the website by visiting the ‘Get Involved’ page and directly uploading their content using the custom ‘Submit Resource’ and ‘Submit Event’ forms.

Another notable functionality on the website was the implementation of a translation tool, which allows users to translate the website into Spanish or English. Adding a translation tool was an important aspect of the website due to the wide variety of communities who will be accessing these important resources. We also built the VEC team a custom analytics dashboard that allowed them to analyze website metrics including user behavior, acquisitions, and demographics to name a few.

Helping the VEC team bring their resource-hub from vision to reality was extremely full filling for us, especially given the importance of their organization and how they are contributing to the fight against COVID. We continue to support the VEC team today through different forms of website support and development services.

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