GraVoc’s Director of Software Solutions, David Laster, was asked to present at this years DynamicsCon event, which took place virtually from September 20-23rd, 2021. DynamicsCon is a free learning experience hosted for over 11,000 Microsoft Business Application users and professionals. David’s session titled ‘Stack the Deck for Success on Your Next Dynamics GP Upgrade!’‘ took place on Thursday September 23rd, 2021 and centered around best practices for Dynamics GP upgrades.

Being involved in over 300 Dynamics GP upgrades, David knows what it takes to successfully execute and manage an upgrade. During his discussion, David dives into topics on system requirements, hardware and hosting, testing, upgrading ISV products and more. Check out the video below or keep scrolling to explore David’s top GP upgrade tips, tricks and best practices. If you require assistance with upgrading your current Dynamics GP, call us at 978-538-9055 or visit our contact us page!

9 Reasons to Upgrade Dynamics GP:

New Features

Bug Fixes

Regulatory Updates (e.g. Payroll Tax, Fixed Assets, 1099s)

Compatibility (e.g. SQL, Windows, Office)

Mainstream Support

Shorter Upgrades/Patches = less downtime

Much easier than implementing a new system (e.g. BC)

Much easier now than in preceding years/versions

You already paid for the software through enhancement

Dynamics GP Upgrade Steps & Best Practices:

1.)  Perform a System Audit

David explores 7 Vectors to evaluate while performing a system audit.  These include; products, databases, customizations, integrations, users, reporting and files. 

2.)  Build your GP Upgrade Team

It’s best to have a dedicated Dynamics GP upgrade team with clear expectations of roles. David highlights 3 key team groups; Partner Team, IT Team and Accounting/Finance Team. 

3.)  Determine Dynamics GP System Requirements 

Microsoft recommends 4 customer profiles to choose from. During his presentation, David explores both Low-end and High-end solutions. 

4.) Pick an Upgrade Path (HOT TOPIC!) 

A Hot Topic helps you get from where you are in Dynamics GP, to where you want to go. Hot Topics give you the ability to go into and build out your upgrade path. During his presentation, David explores different upgrade path examples as well as the modern lifecycle. 

5.) Determine Hardware VS. Hosting Considerations 

You want to determine where your data and applications will sit. This is the age-old question of Buy VS. Lease. David explores the difference between the two and which option you should consider based on your specific needs. 

6.) Version Control Setup

Next step is to create a centralized location on the new server to collect, organize and store all the media, Service Packs, Reg Keys, etc. David discusses best practices when setting up and maintaining this. 

7.) Core GP TEST Upgrade

David discusses and explains the official Microsoft check-list when performing your Core GP TEST upgrade.

8.) Upgrading ISV Products

David explores best practices when upgrading your ISV products. As you perform this step, now would be a great time to learn what’s new with your ISV products. 

9.) Upgrading Customizations

David explores common customizations that we’ve seen during our upgrades including, Dexterity, DotNet, C#, VBA, ISV customizations and more. 

10.) Upgrading Integrations

At this stage, you want to determine what integrations you have within your Dynamics GP ecosystem.

11.) What’s New Training

Make sure to check out the What’s New Training documentation to see what’s new and available to use for your new GP. 

12.) User Acceptance Testing Period

David breaks down the different phases of the user acceptance testing period. 

13.) Executing the LIVE upgrade

It’s GO time! At this stage, you are ready to fully execute the Live Upgrade. David discusses in a step-by-step way what your live upgrade should look like. 

14.) After Go-Live

After the upgrade, there is checklist of things to consider that David explores. Some of the items on your checklist should include disabling access to the old server, checking Control Total reports, checking SQL backups, redeploying GP Reporting Tools, configuring new features and more. 

Does your business or organization need assistance with upgrading Dynamics GP? We’re here to help!

GraVoc has been a part of the Microsoft Partner Network for over 20 years.  We have invested extensively in the training and certification of our staff. Today, our team holds in excess of 100 Microsoft certifications assuring our customers that we are both current in our knowledge and trained in the core competency requirements of their environment. Check out our ERP services or click the button below to contact us today about your specific GP ecosystem.

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