Dynamics GP has some significant 2020 year-end compliance changes you may need to consider for your environment.  These program changes apply only to the supported GP2016 & GP2018 versions.  If you have an upgrade already scheduled, then you need not worry too much about this because we have you covered already.  As your partner, we want to ensure your GP environment and all of your users and systems are able and ready to consume these program files and database updates in time for year-end 2020. 

If you have 1099 vendors, this software update could be especially important because it reflects IRS changes required for the formerly known as box 7 Non-Employee Compensation.  The new 1099 NEC form, window changes, and related reporting is included in this year-end update for GP2016 and GP2018.

For most of our GP customers, this is akin to the application of a Dynamics GP service pack on the servers and workstations, and requires minimal disruption or downtime.  For others, especially those with ISV products, integrations or customizations, special care, planning, coordination and testing are required.  Either way, we will lead the charge all the way through successful deployment and testing with you.  We are especially excited to share all of the newest features and functions as well to make sure you maximize all Dynamics GP has to offer.

As we approach the end of 2020, please consider the importance or relevance of getting these statutory updates deployed in your environment.  Please contact Kim Olson at kolson@gravoc.com or by clicking the button below to set up a short call ASAP with your GraVoc Dynamics GP team – we are ready to get the process started!

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