Wednesday, September 9th 2020


11am – 12pm EDT



Join us on September 9th, 2020 for a live webinar as we explore ActivReporter; an Excel-based financial reporting tool that gives insight into your Dynamics GP data.

GraVoc is excited to announce that we’ve recently partnered with ActivReporter – an Excel-based financial reporting tool that is a direct replacement for Management Reporter or FRx. ActivReporter allows you to build comprehensive financial reports, and it includes other financial capabilities including an interactive GL account reconciliation and auditing interface.

With ActivReporter, financial reports can be created in Excel by using “standard Excel” functionality, which means you don’t have to learn a new software package in order to create Dynamics GP Excel financial reports with ActivReporter.

Plus, ActivReporter can migrate your Management Report Writer reports to ActivReporter by automatically migrating your existing row definitions into an ActivReporter Excel financial report.

ActivReporter is extremely fast and allows you to drilldown on any amount shown on a financial report with the capabilities to view all of the journal entries and supporting detail that make up the amount displayed. Additional drilldown on a journal entry also allows you to “drill-back” into Dynamics GP, displaying the originating GP source document transaction and any attachments.

What does this new software mean for you?

You can now develop GP financial reports in Excel for any number of Dynamics GP companies with budgets or forecasts that can be in GP or in external Excel Spreadsheets. ActivReporter financial reports are built in a standard, single Excel window with the ability to include charts, graphs, and company graphics on every financial report.

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Please join us for this webinar and see why we are recommending ActivReporter as a Management Reporter replacement. With ActivReporter you can produce all your financial reports in Excel using standard Excel functionality.

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